A Megaloceros Obituary

Siraj C

A Brief Introduction

We are sad to say the Megaloceros giganteus, commonly known as the Irish Elk and the “Giant Deer,” has passed away. His most recognized attribute being his enormous antlers going up to a 4.3 foot in total. Another attribute he was well known for was his monumental body size. He lived in the Late Pleistocene era and passed away in the last ice age about 110,000 to 12,000 years ago.


Besides his huge antlers and immense body size. The Megaloceros giganteus is also notable for his weight of around 1500 pounds and 7 feet high up to his shoulders. He also always winsk the largest antlers contest with the length being a whopping three times as much as the average North American Elk.
Being his Megaloceros self he focused eating grass, leaves and herbs. Though if it was in the winter sometimes he would just settle for a simple stick and maybe some bark. He usually lived in taigas or tundras, but once in a while he would stop by a temperate grassland.

Not Irish, nor Elk

His nickname the Irish Elk derived from his large antlers such as an Elk's antlers. Although he just was found in Ireland most of the time neither was he Irish. . His closest live relative is the deer. The deer is also part of the Megaloceros family. Both of them can cope with cold weather.
You may find his remains at the University of California Museum of Paleontology:

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