Grade 3 Newsletter Christmas Term

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Friday 7th November

Virtue of the Week

Next week our virtue is creativity.

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A few of 3KHa's Virtues Ceremonies:

Language Arts

This week In spelling, we have been learning the rules connected with doubling consonants.

Next week we will be learning about homophones. These are words that sound the same but have different spellings, like write and right. Try this fun website at home with your child to test your skills with using Homophones.

This week in LA, we have been working on more newspaper reports. We used the notes which we made last week when we had discovered some strange creature had visited our school. We have been paying attention to paragraphing, speech marks, openers and using interesting vocabulary.

Next week we will be editing our newspaper report and publishing the finished document. We will also be reading a book called 'When it is Six O'clock in San Francisco'. They will be discussing this in class and be working towards creating a class book related to Singapore. Children will be looking at maps and the website to identify time zones. They will also look at what they would be doing at that time in their home country and explore ideas through drama and discussion. There will also be a chance for some dressing up!

3SGe have been making sundials.

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3SGe looking at Lines of Latitude and Longitude.


Time and Place, Earth and Space.

This week in IPC the children have been learning about lines of longitude and latitude and together we have been discovering interesting geographical terms and vocabulary, then using these terms and vocabulary to ask and answer questions.

Next week we will be looking at day and night and how it occurs, we will also be looking at shadows and how they are formed. We then will test our ideas and findings, using evidence from our observations and measurements.


This week

Next week we have been solving word problems involving multiplication and division. We were assessing our KSU in maths, culminating in a Grade 3 review.

Next week we will continue to consolidate our knowledge, understanding and skills of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction by solving 1-step and 2-step word problems. A great way to be prepared is to continue to practice multiplication tables and really commit the facts to memory!


The Maths Homework will be allocated on Monday, to be completed by Friday.

For Reading we encourage your child to read to you at home as often as possible. There are lots of opportunities for your child to read different books and different genres in Grade 3. Most children have been allocated with a graded reader, all are encouraged to borrow any books of their choice from their class library and also from the school library. If the children have finished their book, they are encouraged to change them in the morning. They can also change their school library books during their library sessions or during any break or lunchtime.

Language Arts homework this week will be a cross-word puzzle connected to our lesson on homophones. This is due in on Friday.

For IPC, we would like the children to plan or imagine that they will talk to at least three people in different parts of the world on Skype this week. If you are able to, arrange a Skype call with a friend or relative and work out the time difference between Singapore and your chosen country.

This is due in on Monday 17th

The Team