7th Grade Newsletter

We are Heartland!

August 15 - August 19

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Mark your Calendar

First Day of School: August 11

Back to School Social: August 19 @6pm

Open House: August 22 @6pm

ID Badges

ALL students must be wearing their ID and it should be visible at all times. Whether it be their school ID on a lanyard OR a temporary ID (sticker) badge, it MUST be worn.

If a student has lost their ID Badge, please replace it in the front office (it does cost money to replace an ID Badge).

If a student has forgotten their ID Badge, the consequence is last in line at lunch and no Snack Bar.


Students will be charged for an extensive number of temporary badges! Please be sure to use and wear your issued ID Badge.

Passing Time

During the FOUR minute passing time, please REMEMBER:

  1. Stay to the RIGHT and follow the direction of traffic (even if your class is next door).
  2. Walk with intention to your next class.
  3. If you need to use the restroom, use it for that purpose ONLY and not hang out time.

HERE is a google slides we shared with students to remember as well.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are SHUT DOWN and PUT AWAY from 7:30a - 2:20p

  1. Student are expected to follow EPS expectations for cell phone use.
  2. Their is a progressive plan if students are using their cell phone during the school day.
  3. If cell phone usage becomes habitual, it can lead to a parent picking-up their cell phone in the Front Office.


Eligibility runs every Wednesday evening. Please be sure that you are checking the Parent Portal for Infinite Campus to ensure your students grades are passing. Eligibility is used for athletics and academic competitions.

Hawk Hangout in Advisory

Hawk Hangout is coming back this year. Students loved and thoroughly enjoyed participating in fun and engaging activities last year. Please stay posted for information in the coming weeks!!!

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Aug. 15-19

This week in English, the students will be taking a quiz on learning styles to see how they learn best. They will also be participating in a team building challenge. Finally, the students will be taking a pretest on the different types of sentences and they will be writing a letter to their teachers about themselves.


Aug. 15-19

Literacy will be writing and presenting a poem entitled I am. We will also be reviewing figurative language.

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Aug. 15-19

This week in geography, students will be reviewing key geographic concepts that were first introduced in sixth grade. We will review key vocabulary and map basics.

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7th Grade Math

Aug. 15-19

In math we are introducing absolute values and diving deeper into adding integers with negative and positive values.


Aug. 15-19

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Aug. 15-19

This week in Science, students will be reviewing classroom procedures and lab safety. Please sign the Flinn Safety Contract and return it to their science teacher by Friday 8/19.

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Mr. Paul McQueen

Welcome to 7th Grade! We are so glad that you are joining us for the 2022-23 school year. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or ideas. We are looking forward to teaching your child and helping them to grow.

Assistant Principal of Heartland

7th Grade Team Principal

Mrs. Whitney Davis

7th Grade Counselor
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Canvas is the learning management system chosen by a committee of staff, students, community members, and Board of Education members. Canvas provides online and blended learning opportunities, and is web-based, meaning it can be accessed anywhere with Internet access at any time on any Internet enabled device. Canvas allows teachers to differentiate instruction to better meet student needs through instructional content, assessments, and daily work.

Setting up an Canvas Observer Account: Click the link below.

Canvas Parent Observer Account

Help with using Canvas on a Chromebook


Infinite Campus (Parent Portal) provides families, guardians and students with real-time access to course schedules, assignments, grades, attendance and report cards for grades PreK through 12.

If you have already established a portal account with Infinite Campus, click the link below.

Parent/Student Portal Login

Setting up a Parent Portal account:

New to Edmond Public Schools: Families will receive an email that will contain a link with instructions on how to set up a new portal account after student enrollment has been completed.