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30 More Wake Ups!


I want to say I am thankful for all the moms of the students in our class! Being a mom is never easy and it would be nice if those little kiddos came with some instructions. But, as we teach a variety of skills be it academic, emotional or social in our classroom, it is evident they are loved at home!! Thank you for all you do for your kiddos!

Upcoming Events for END OF YEAR-IMPORTANT!!

May 2 - 5 Teacher Appreciation Week

May 5 - Muffins with Moms

May 5 Last Movie Night (The Good Dinosaur)


May 17- Progress Reports issued

May 17- Student of the Month/Terrific Timberwolves

May 19-SOL Begins- Grade 4 Reading Part 1

May 20- SOL Grade 4 Reading Part 2

May 20- Barnes and Noble Night

May 23- SOL- Grade 4 Math part 1

May 24- SOL- Grade 4 Math Part 2

May 30- Schools Closed Memorial Day

June 2- SOL- Grade 3 Reading Part 1

June 3- SOL- Grade 3 Reading Part 2

June 6- SOL- Grade 3 Math Part 1

June 7- SOL- Grade 3 Math Part 2

June 10 - Donuts with Dads

June 17 - Adjusted Dismissal - Last Day for ALL Students

June 24 - Report Cards mailed

June 27 - Aug 4 ESY for all attending (No Fridays)


This is a great site that embeds games and resources to help your student. I like that it contains a lot of information we THINK parents know about the SOLs but shouldn't assume. Take a look!

Helpful tips:

1- Review a week or two before each night with your students

2- Express your confidence in their ability to TRY THEIR BEST on the test

3- DONT stress about it or your student will

4- PLENTY of rest even the week before!

5- Eat well especially the day(s) of the test

6- Leave notes of encouragement the day of the test for them

PRACTICE - Practice - practice ...We are preparing!!

SOL Practice

There are lots of ways to practice every night for your child's SOL to alleviate anxiety about the upcoming assessment. We all want them to feel confident and as prepared as we can. Below you will find several links to help your student practice the skills needed in their grade level. I am SOOOO proud of how well they have improved this year! I hope you can find some time to review some of these websites with your little one. Just knowing you are about their performance means SOO much to their success.