Civil War Battles

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Fort Sumter

This battle occured April 12, 1861 though the 16th at Charleston Harbor, SC. There was about 80 Union and soldiers and 500 confedeate soldiers. Robert Anderson was the commander of the Confederate and Beauredard was commander of the Union. Surprisingly new one was killed, but the confederate won.


This battle occured on September 16-19, in 1862 at Washington County, Maryland. There was 87,000 Unoin soldiers and 45,000 Confederate soldiers. McClellan was the Union commander and Robert E. Lee wast the Confederate commanders. There was an estimated 22,717 casualties. Abraham and the Union claimed victory after this battle. He then later deiliverd the Emancipation Proclomation.


Occured on May 18th - July 4th, 1863 at Warren County, Mississippi. There 77,00 Union forces and 33,000 Confederate forces. Ulysses S. Grant wast the commander of the Union, and John C. Perberton was commander of the Confederacy. There was an estimated 37,402 casualties, in the end the Union claimed victory.


Occured July 1st-3rd, 1863 at Adams County, Pennsylvania. Gettysburg was "The turning point" of the civil war. George Meade of the commander on the Union, with 93,921 soldiers. Rebert E. Lee was the commander of the Confederacy, with 71,699 soldiers. There was an estimated 51,112 casualties, the Union claimed victory. Afterward, Abraham Lincoln deilivered the Gettysburg address in honor of the Union's fallen soldiers.

Sherman's March To The Sea

Occured July 22-23, 1864 at Fulton County, Georgia. Ther Union had about 34,863 soldiers, and the Confederacy had 40,438 soldiers.

Fort Fisher

Appomattex Court House

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