where would i like to live


i would love to live inn collie because its my dream holiday place. it use to be a mine hole but one day they dug to far and hit a fresh water spring and it all filled up the workers did not have enough time to get all the tools and equipment out so there is still lots of the trucks and gear at the bottom today.

many people go the stocklond lake to go skiing because its very refreshing and clear water along with it being very still and flat water for skiing altho it does get a little rough when there is lots boats, when this happens every body goes toobing because with toobing it doesn't matter about how rough it is in fact it makes it better when its rough although it hurt if u come off.

ive been to collie twice and have loved it.

the only down side is that there is the local dirt bike track and its where all the dirtbikers train and every time ive been there they get up at 6am and dont stop riding till late that night but owell its like having and alarm to get up and start boating again before every body els gets up.

stocklond lake is about 15 mins out of the town centre but its still close to go shopping.

there is no fish or any other marien life there expt for yabbies witch are simerlar to prawns and tast way better inn my oppine

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