High School Principals' Newsletter

March 2015

Attitude of Gratitude

Do you sometimes feel that your staff does not always recognize the wonderful traits of others? This time of the year staff can feel nit picky, grouchy and temperamental. Try a positive gratitude board or activity where staff draw a name of a person and write one nice thing that this staff person does for others or for students---then share.

Start a board that recognizes special attributes when others do something and have staff post in the lounge!

Pass around a gratitude book where one person writes something they have noticed in another or others and share at a staff meeting. The person then hands it off to the honored person and they make an entry the next time.

Present with Powtoons!


It helps you create an animated presentation that will WOW your participants! You will look smart and clever!

Assessment Links and Updates


Transition Timeline provides a weekly series of steps to prepare for the test.

Click here to see sample test items.

Direct Link to Grade Level Classroom Activities and Performance Tasks

Online Assessment Awareness for Teachers and Students

Additional information on M-Step

Spring of 2015 Testing Schedule

Update from Office of Assessment & Accountability

mymassp.com has sample HS schedule to review and add!

New PSAT & SAT Practice Items


New SAT (Not Downloadable)

A practice PSAT for 8/9 should be available soon.

MDE SS Expectations Update/Upgrade Project

Last summer MDE invited and is currently working collaboratively with all of the state-wide Social Studies organizations to update the expectations previously approved in 2007. The project is scheduled to be ready for State Board of Education (SBE) approval in April 2015. The College, Career, & Civic Life for Social Studies commonly known as the C3 Framework is being used by classroom teachers, Social Studies Supervisors, and Executive Directors to update the expectations. Along with the C3 Framework, writers and editors must adhere to the ideas of fewer, deeper, and higher.

Social Studies Supervisors across the state are working collaboratively to develop reasonable and practical options for districts to move forward with implementation of the new expectations if and after they approved by SBE. If you have any questions, contact Coordinator for Instruction Roy Sovis at rsovis@geneseisd.org or 810-591-4520.

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Resources to Share

Your March MASSP Checklist

"11 Lessons Learned from Michigan's Top High Schools"

Looking at new course materials to align with CCSS? Check out the FREE Achieve the Core Materials Alignment Toolkit

Upcoming Conferences:


School Improvement Conference:

MDE/AdvancED Michigan Spring School Improvement Conference

March 16-17, 2015

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Across the State

The Michigan Reading Association's Pre-Conference features Dr. Robert J. Marzano: "Becoming a High-Reliability School"

The MiELA Network has announced its Summer 2015 Conference!

Professional Learning at GISD

Check out the flyers below for upcoming opportunities.

PE Teacher Association Training

Foundations for ELL Success: The Basics (2)

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