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July 23, 2020

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Dear Penngrove Families,

We're doing it! Almost fully up and running minus a few glitches and hiccups along the way. You all have been TRULY wonderful! Thank you so very much. During these early days of Distance Learning I want to thank you for your extra patience, your positive attitude and your unwavering perseverance. Forget a new life skill each month, our year long life skill will be perseverance!

In a time filled with so many unknowns, one thing we know to be true is: you are never alone. On behalf of Team Penn, I want to remind you that we are always here for you. Please don't be afraid to reach out. When you're confused, frustrated, or have a "silly question", know that we are absolutely here for you, free of any and all judgement. For those of you who have experienced a somewhat easy start to Distance Learning, please consider sharing your successes, tips, and tricks with the rest of us! Text or email a friend, highlight your "win" on your social media channels, and spread the positivity to those around you. If you've found any Distance Learning "hacks", this isn't the time to be modest. We all need and want to learn together.

A few reminders for you as we head into the end of week 1 and the start of week 2.


The Distance Learning school day runs approximately 8:30am - 12pm with some variations as outlined by your child's teacher. Many of our support services (counseling, RSP, reading intervention, speech, etc.) run from 12:30 - 3pm. If your child misses a day of school, please be sure to report that information as quickly as possible to the office. Email Ms. Gies at, fill out our attendance form, or leave a message at (707) 778-4755. Thank you!

Have a question for your child's teacher?

Send him/her a message via ParentSquare (being mindful of course that teachers are not checking messages during teaching time because #kids).

Student resource pick-up/drop-off

You should have received explicit instructions from your child's teacher but plan for a resource pick-up every 2 weeks. The first one is this Friday, July 24th. The next student resource pick-up/drop off will be on Friday, August 7. (Make sure you have August 10 noted as a non-school day for your child, as our teachers will be participating in staff development). As a general practice, please do not come to campus if you have or recently had any COVID-19 symptoms. If you let your child's teacher know you're playing it safe, we can arrange for a drop off. While on campus, please practice social distancing which includes wearing a face covering for humans 2 years and older. Use hand sanitizer when you see it and only touch the items labeled with your child's name. Although our staff is practicing frequent hand washing, wearing of gloves and face coverings, we recommend that you wait 72 hours to go through any materials we send home. In fact, your child's teacher will lead an "unpacking party" on Monday mornings where students will open bags, folders, and files together as a class. Thanks in advance for helping to make sure we safely share materials.


Have you checked out the Petaluma City Schools COVID-19 Hub? It's filled with great resources. Of particular interest is the newly developed Student and Parent Safety Handbook in both English and Spanish.

Finally, I want to share with you our school theme for the year: Hold on to Hope. As we embark upon our learning journey of 2020-21, we are asking you to hold on to hope that some day soon, we'll be together again: learning; laughing; and playing in person. We hope you'll do your best to keep your child engaged in learning, to set a tone of positivity, to lead with a growth mindset and to reach out to us when you need support. We are counting on you and hoping you feel our commitment to the well being of your children which includes a considerable amount of new learning, and a whole lot of love.

Yours in hope,


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Petaluma City Schools - Video Conferencing Norms

This is our virtual classroom. Behavior expectations are really no different than what would be expected in the classroom.

  1. Find a Quiet Spot - Log into your meeting from a distraction free, quiet environment. Stay in that spot with your iPad hands free.

  2. Be On Time - Be on time for your Zoom meeting. Ask an adult to log you into the meeting a few minutes early to make sure your device is working properly.

  3. Be Presentable - Take a few minutes to make yourself presentable. Brush your hair and teeth. Wear appropriate school clothes.

  4. Have Materials Ready - Gather any materials you need ahead of time and keep them together in one place. Make sure your iPad is charged each evening in preparation for the next day.

  5. Video - Make sure your video is on so we can see your whole face.

  6. Names - Use your real name.

  7. Mute - Please keep your audio on mute until it’s your turn to speak. This will help to limit background noise.

  8. Wait Your Turn - If you would like to speak or answer a question, use the “Raise Hand” feature. Then unmute yourself after you are called on.

  9. Chat - If your class is using the chat box, remember that it is public and a record of the chat is saved.

  10. Be Respectful - Act like you would in your class at school. If you wouldn’t do it in class at school, don’t do it on the call.

Who doesn't love a good infographic?!

Check out this one from the State of California

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A Note From Our FOPPTA President:

Happy 2020/21 school year #PennVillage! My name is Melissa Morelli, Friends of Penngrove PTA (FOPPTA) President, and I look forward to getting to know you and your #PennPanthers! My daughter, Cambrie, is in 4th grade and our family loves being a part of the Penngrove community. Although this isn't the start of the school year we had anticipated, the #PennPTA Board is dedicated to making it a memorable year. We hope to meet you at our Association meetings (the first one is August 3rd!) and at some of the virtual events we are planning. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via email at

Don't forget to register and review the FOPPTA website, The webpage is run by FOPPTA and you can use it to purchase school-related items such as logo wear or yearbooks, access the online community directory (adults have the ability to opt-in or out of the directory when setting up their account), RSVP for events and purchase adult or student FOPPTA memberships.

Now, more than ever, the PTA needs your support!

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Guaranteed Best Practices for Distance Learning

As adopted by the Petaluma City Schools Distance Learning Workgroup

For The Teacher

  • Teachers will prioritize Math and Language Arts over other areas of the curriculum.

  • Teachers will integrate Science and Social Studies with Language Arts and Math as much as possible.

  • Teachers will focus on grade level Key Standards for Distance Learning for instruction, assignments, and assessment.

  • Teachers will assess students on Key Standards for Distance Learning.

  • Teachers will foster community building and social-emotional learning.

  • Teachers will provide direct instruction daily on instructional days.

  • Teachers will provide a clear and consistent weekly schedule for parents, guardians, and students.

  • Teachers will communicate regularly with parents and guardians through ParentSquare.

  • Teachers will explicitly teach Distance Learning Norms.

  • Opportunities for whole class and small groups will be provided.

  • Teachers will provide differentiation.

  • Teachers will provide feedback on student work.

For the Student

  • Students will work in the quietest most productive space possible with access to their learning tools.

  • Students will attend all online classes.

  • Students will listen attentively and participate during online sessions.

  • Students will follow district Distance Learning Norms.

  • Assignments will be turned in on time.

  • Students will use appropriate digital citizenship.

For the Parent

  • Parents will support students in meeting the demands of Distance Learning regarding assignments, schedules, and norms.

  • Parents are responsible for ensuring students attend Distance Learning classes.

  • In the case of absences, parents will call the school office to report the absence.

  • Parents will attend distance training provided by the district.

  • Parents will establish a productive workspace for students given their individual circumstances.

  • Parents will read and respond to school/home correspondence.

  • Parents will discuss concerns regarding Distance Learning Norms with the teacher and site administrator.

  • Parents will not assist students with assessments/tests.

For the District/Administration

  • The District will provide devices and internet connectivity for each student.

  • The District will provide clear and consistent communication to families and teachers regarding any changes in:

    • learning platforms

    • safety

    • norms

  • The District will schedule a Parent Information Meeting at the beginning of the year as a chance for principals and teachers to connect with parents (maybe the day before the first student day).

  • The District will provide ongoing support and training for parents and teachers in the tools and protocols of Distance Learning.

    • Digital Citizenship

    • Norms

    • Google Classroom and Seesaw

    • ParentSquare

  • The District will clearly define for families the expectations for time, content, and accountability during Distance Learning.

  • The District will actively foster collaboration across grade levels and schools.

  • The District will look to provide additional support when possible for students/families facing challenges but have no existing support.

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