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Lack of education

Lacks of education facts

Kids in Africa that are in poverty so they don't have any money to go to school. 33 million primary school age children in Sub-Sahara Africa do not go to school. Only about 56% of African children attend school. There is about 40% of Africans over the age of 15, and 50% of women above the age of 25 are illiterate. The lack of clean water in Africa affects the kids who drink it because it affects his/her academic performance.

IYF prepares young people to be healthy, productive and engaged citizens

The International Youth Foundation is helping young kids in Africa stay in school. They have a program called Tanzania Youth Scholars (TYS). This program helps young youth living in Tanzania, get a quailty education. The second program the IYF has is Education and Livelihood Skills Aliance (ELSA) this program provides educaton for at-risk children. The thrid program that I want to inform you about is Improving Tranning for Quality Advancemnet in National Eudcatrin (Itqane) Project. This project gives the school trained teachers, so the students have quality education. The International Youth Foundatin has many more projects to help the youth in Africa.
Tanzania Youth Scholars (TYS)
International Youth Foundation PSA :60

Ways to donate

Making a secure online donation or any kind of donation helps kids and young adults receive a quality education, or make a difference in the community. You can also make a giving group, and have a group of people give a certain amount of money and then donate it all to the programs. You can also just make up your own way to donate to give kids a good education.


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