Advertising and Promotions Managers

By: Juan Navarro

Advertising and Promotions Managers

Advertising and Promotions Managers plan/sketch interest in a product so they can draw consumers interest in that product. They work with art director, sales agents, and financial staff members. The daily task of what an Advertising and Promotions Manager do is basically plan an interest in a product for consumers, travel to meet clients or representatives, developing pricing strategies for products, and analyze their findings to understand customer, etc. Most Advertising and Promotions Managers required a bachelor's degree and some relevant course of study might include classes in marketing, consumer behavior, market research, sales, and communication methods. Some skills you need to have is Communication skills,Creativity, and Decision-making skills which is good because job outlook of Advertising and Promotions Managers is projected to grow from 2012 to 2022. Advertising,public relations,and related services, and retail trade are the industries that employed the most Advertising and Promotions Managers, and your starting salary would most likely be around $62,650-$83,890.
So you want to be an Advertising and Promotions Manager

Career Connections

Most Advertising and Promotions Managers say their job is very stressful. The reason why it is very stressful is because it is very competitive against other companies and how to get a consumers interest. They also say that it's fun because they meet new people and new places.

High School Preparation

Some related courses in my school is Sports Entertainment Marketing and Web Design. Sports Entertainment Marketing can be very helpful because I already took it. This class helps you learn the basic functions of marketing which is product, price, promotions, and distribution. Web Design can help you improve your art-skills digitally. Extra-Curricular Activities can be very helpful as well. In West Leyden we have peer leaders and future business leaders in america. These two activities can help you grow as a leader because Advertising and Promotions managers requires a lot of leadership. An Internship can be very helpful like a Advertising Intern for a company like BoardWorks Outdoor Advertising. Things you do is respond to marketing calls, voice mails and emails and you’ll receive hands on experience in sales, marketing and advertising.

BoardWorks Outdoor Advertising

Here is the company information in order to contact them


A reference is the action of mentioning or alluding to something. The reason why a reference is important is because it'll help you have a better job opportunity. They give employers an idea of what they're getting into by hiring you-a glimpse into your work ethic and habits from someone who has already had substantial experience with you. For my reference I'll put

-Mrs. Kerri Kennedy-English teacher, school district #212

-Mr. Jeremy Jackson-Football coach, School district #212

-Mr. Adam Labriola-Basketball Coach, school district #212

Because They know more about me than any other teacher/coach but not just as a student/player but as a person

Post-Secondary Plans

Some related college majors are business administration, advertising and also journalism. As I said before Advertising and Promotions Marketing Managers require a bachelor's degree. The top colleges for this career are The University of Texas at Austin, Michigan State University, Fashion Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania State University, Main Campus, and

University of Florida. Another internship that can help you prepare for this career is a General Business intern for sprint. Things you do is analyze needs, track customer sales, and Prepare,deliver, and follow-up on product proposals and quotes. These are some things that Advertising and Promotions Managers do.