A Lil' Chunk Of Alabama

By Meeran Gill

The Mystery Of The Missing Pants

This just in, Jem Finch looses pants? How could this have even happened? Apparently he was caught at the Radley house. Trying to get a peek inside the house, little Jem was caught. Witnesses claim to have heard a gunshot coming from the Radley house. Jem's pants were seen caught onto the barb wire fence at the Radley house. The reasoning for Jem Finch being at the Radley house is still unknown. Several hours later however, Jem Finch's pants were reported missing from the scene. No evidence to identify who may have taken them or how they have disappeared from the Radley house. Further details to be released after further investigation.
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German nazi regime declares that married women shouldn't work

Married women shouldn't work? Find out more on page 17.

Emergency Banking Act

Passed by congress today said to be the solution of the financial and banking difficulties which have overcome throughout the country.
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