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June 2, 2017

Saying Goodbye

There are a lot of opportunities organized to say goodbye this week and next week, from Chapels to the Wailing Wall to the Farewell Dinner. Sometimes, it can be exhausting and overwhelming. However, it is always an important part of the transition process. So, I write this last newsletter with a bit of a heavy heart and some protest in my soul, but knowing that it is the right thing to do.

I have been greatly blessed to work with all of you in Middle School for the last 5 years. Mark, Michele, and Lisa were here before I came, and welcomed me and let me make a whole lot of changes. Chris Lim and Chance joined into Middle School from other areas of the school. For the rest of you, I think I was involved in hiring you to come to Dalat. I definitely do not regret any of those decisions!

I really appreciate all of you for so many reasons. One of the biggest, though, is your dedication to serving God by serving the students. I think there were more kids crying yesterday over teachers leaving than their friends, and that is a powerful statement. I saw lots of kids bouncing from one classroom to another yesterday afternoon. Let me tell you, this is a rare thing. For middle school kids to stay at school, after dismissal, on the last day of school, and be inside the classrooms with you is a testament to the love and regard they have for you. That's because you love them even when they are unlovable. And I know you do that because that's how the Father loves us.

So while I know that Middle School will look different next year with many of us leaving or moving into other roles, the heart will remain the same. I know that you will welcome the six new members of the middle school team with open arms and work together to make Middle School even better than it already is. And please, come over and visit in my new office next year!

Important Dates

June 5 - Teacher Work Day
June 6 - Teacher Work Day

July 23 - Staff Return to Malaysia

July 26 - Staff Conference begins (Karl will send a schedule)

August 2 - First Day of School

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