Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day!

November 14th

Dont Be a Stress Ball, Relax for Once!

There is always something to be finished or started that stresses you out. Everyone needs a day where they can just forget about those things and relax and unwind. So this November 14th, take some time to Loosen Up and Lighten Up.
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\/ Some Great Reasons Why This Should be a Bigger Day \/

Make time to calm down. As mentioned before it is true everyone needs a chance to calm down and chill. If you never give yourself mental break you're bound to burst out from all the stress.
Removing stress is good for your health. Lots of stress can cause high blood pressure, heart attacks, and other heart issues. When your usually calm and not just calm on this day you can have a 27% less chance of a stroke. Relaxing can actually keep you skinny, when people are stressed they tend to reach for foods high in fat and sugar.
Relaxing raises your ability to make good decisions. Have you ever had a big decision and you said "I'll sleep on it". "I'll relax on it" is what you should be saying. It is proven that when you relax it helps you to make better and smarter decisions.