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John B. Riebli Elementary Newsletter--September 6, 2018

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Our short week was packed full!

Our short week was packed full!

Thank you to all of the parents and family members that attended Back to School night. Your time spent learning about all of the amazing activities and lessons your student will experience this year will help your student 10-fold.

As I said at Back to school night, reading to your kids is so important. Students spend 70% of their time outside of school. Reading is the gateway skill to all the other subject areas, and we need your help. We need parents to read or encourage reading with their students. Below is a graphic to help guide parents in promoting reading at home. Here are some tips to make reading more exciting.

  • Ham it up! Read slowly enough for your child to build mental pictures of what he/she hears. Stop periodically so he/she can study the pictures in the book without feeling hurried. Raise or lower your voice to build drama and suspense. Dialogue adds life to a story, so scan a book before you read and follow the implied stage directions. If a character shouts, raise your voice! If he speaks in a stern voice, do the same.

  • Vary your subject matter as well as the kinds of things you read. Wordless picture books give kids the chance to tell their own stories as they "read," jump-starting the creative process. Let your child's imagination soar, and show him/her how excited you are by their ideas.

  • Hunt for books that match your child's interests. When you make a point of finding books on subjects dear to your child's heart, you not only stimulate his/her interest in literature but let him/her know that you value what he/she thinks and does.

  • Look for books that interest you too. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you're excited by an author or a storyline, your child will be too! The world of books provides a safe, inexpensive way to explore new subjects: travel to Japan, read about sports heroes, learn how astronauts prepare for space.

  • Foster closeness between siblings. If your children are several years apart, you may want to schedule individual reading times as they get older to ensure that the books are at the appropriate reading level. But don't forsake family reading. Suggest that older kids read to younger ones.

  • Help your child notice new information as you read. By sharing your feelings about a story, you motivate your child to do the same. By asking their opinion and listening to them without judgment or criticism, you let your child know that you value her feelings and ideas and respect her judgment.

  • Let them read to you. Once your child starts to read, vary your ritual by taking turns reading to each other, and don't be too quick to correct a beginner. If your child mispronounces or incorrectly sounds out a word, wait until they finish the page or the thought so you don't discourage their attempts. Then say, "Did that word make sense?"

  • Get them a library card. Most public libraries issue cards when a child is 5 or can write her name. Celebrate the event, and check out library reading hours and family reading times as well as book clubs and other motivating programs

Our teachers have been very busy this week. Not only were they preparing for Back to School Night, but they had co-op meetings. Teachers meet in co-ops three times a year to go over student assessments, growth and needs. We set up intervention groups at this time based on the assessments your students have been given.

PE and Library also started this week. The students are loving getting into the library and seeing the new books that were purchased. PE games and meeting the new teachers has also been fun!

Next week, Kindergarten and 3rd grade are headed out for the first field trips of the year. We are off and running!

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Are you available to sub?

The district is in need of yard duty, office help, and student aide substitutes. If you have the time, or know someone who does, a quick application is available at the district office.


  • There is no such thing as privacy

  • Screens should be in public spaces

  • Charging station or bin @ home during family time

  • Common Sense Media is your Best Friend. If you have not been to their site, check it out.

  • If it feels the least bit weird, IT IS

  • Unrestricted access - it’s really easy to slip into this...don’t do it! The number one thing your child wants is your time. “It’s just you and me right now and I will not let anything interrupt me.”

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Library News

What a great week! We started Library Sessions. It was so good to see all the returning children, as well as meeting all the Kindergarten children and new children to our campus. It's going to be a great year!

This week we reviewed Library Rules and proper care of our library books. Please help your child at home by making sure there is a safe, dry place for their book. Make note of your child's Library Day. Encourage them to spend some time reading each day. Having them read aloud to anyone at home is also a great way to help them grow in their reading ability.

We also discussed the habit of "borrowing and returning". Being on time with the return of their book will allow them to check out another book next week.

Thank you for all the support you'll give them at home on this reading adventure.

Happy reading,

Miss Denise

Library Paraeducator

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iDO26.2 information!

iDo26.2 is an innovative walking/running program designed to encourage and enable REGULAR physical activity in our Sonoma County youth as part of a healthy family lifestyle and to create a positive exercise experience.

For the last few years Riebli students have enjoyed participating in this program and continue to be a top performing school in Sonoma County. Last year Riebli students completed 460 marathons, that is 12,052 miles!

Miles completed at school will be tracked by teachers and reported to our iDo26.2 coordinator. Parents/guardians are welcome to submit mileage completed outside of school via email to the program coordinator. With your support and encouragement I know we can have another record-breaking year! Click here for more information!

Congratulations to Mrs. Gonsalves, Mrs. Gonyo and Ms. Farrell

Congratulations! Mrs. Gonsalves, Mrs. Gonyo and Ms. Farrell were selected to participate in the Taste and Teach program, an opportunity made possible through a partnership with Raley's. They received an overwhelming response, with more than 1,200 applications. How awesome is that!

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Thank you to I and C Electric for bringing your excavator to school to enhance Ms. Beseda’s kindergartners construction unit!