Sarah Winchester

By: Ivy M. and Gina C.


Sarah Winchesters life after she got married was an "adventure". Sarah got married to William Winchester. His family made a riffle that was used to kill many people. Her 6th month old baby daughter died of an unknown illness, then her husband, William, died also.She was devastated. She thought that the ghosts who were killed by the riffle where haunting her, so she hired mediums to try to contact her family.Then she moved and spent 38 years building a house for the ghosts. Sarah died at the age of 85.


Ever since Sarah's husband and baby girl died, she felt like she was being haunted. She had mediums come over to help her connect with her family, but one medium told her she should move to a bigger house and add more rooms for the ghosts. She moved room to room every night because she was afraid the ghosts would kill her in her sleep. She added special rooms for the certain ethnicity of the people killed. Some people said that every night after the midnight bell rang you could hear an organ playing beautiful music. But it could not have been Sarah she was too old and her fingers were to stiff to hold or do anything.


Sarah Winchester had a crazy house. Since she believed that the ghosts who had been killed by Winchester riffles, her house was built up to have 160 rooms, 47 fire places, and 40 staircases. Also 10,000 windows, 52 skylights, 467 doorways, 6 kitchens, a formal dining room and a grand ballroom.The house had 3 elevators and 5 heating systems. She has other insane rooms too. One room had a skylight on the floor and rooms on the second floor had doors that opened up to air. Her obsession with the number 13 had a impact on the house. For example, the house had 13 bathrooms and Sarah's bathroom had 13 windows.