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May 26, 2015

St. Labre Graduation

I had the privilege last week to participate in the graduation ceremonies of St. Labre. I find that graduation ceremonies can illustrate a school's culture and this was certainly the case at St. Labre. The highlights:

  • 22 of the 25 graduates are heading off to college--two to Ivy League universities!
  • Students are allowed to wear ceremonial dress
  • The ceremony included two musical performances by seniors
  • At one point, the seniors were given flowers to award to family, friends, or teachers who they wish to thank. At the same time, the attendees were treated to a slide show highlighting the seniors
  • When the seniors crossed the stage, they were given the gift of eagle feathers from an elder and before they were left, they were blessed by the Bishop and by another elder

It's easy to take for granted the great work St. Labre carries out in our backyard. But we shouldn't ignore the tremendous gift they give (tuition-free) to the Native Americans of eastern Montana of a quality Catholic education.

Next year, St. Labre has announced a plan to open up a preschool in Lodgegrass and a partnership with St. Paul Mission School in Hays. Thank you, St. Labre, for your outstanding work!

Dr. Tim Uhl, Superintendent

The Week's Schedule

Sunday: Butte Central graduation

Monday: holiday

Tuesday: Great Falls meetings

Wednesday: Missoula meetings

Thursday: office (Helena) & 3:30 pm teleconference for WCEA self-study preparation

Friday: meeting with Bishop Thomas (morning) & office (Helena)

This week: 641 miles

Last week: 1,138 miles

2014-15: 47,331 miles

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For Principals

  • This Thursday at 3:30 pm, I'll be hosting a teleconference for all elementary schools undertaking a WCEA self-study (currently or beginning soon). Make sure you have access to the Internet during the call. Call Jean for the call-in code.
  • I have asked the following schools who have completed accreditation to complete their Annual Report by June 1st (Loyola Sacred Heart, Great Falls Central Catholic, St. Labre HS, St. Joe's, Butte Central). Here is the link to the PDF report: It's not essential that you use that particular form, what is important is that you give me an idea of your progress toward your critical goals.
  • On June 11th, the principals will be gathering from 10-2 at St. Mary's in Livingston. Please bring a copy of the School Policies and any suggested changes. We'll be working on the policies, possible data points for school marketing, new religion curriculum, standards-based grading, and we'll talk about the New Teacher Retreat.
  • Here is the link to the retreat flyer: The retreat is designed for new teachers to Catholic schools (1st or 2nd year) but is open to all teachers. Please bring an estimated number of participants to the meeting.

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