Collaboration Showcase 2016

Share Your Learning with Us

Show Me The Learning!

The objective of this Collaboration Showcase is to present the collaborative projects that coaches, teachers, and students have been working on across the VILS Project.

During the winter convening, coaches were paired up to collaborate on a project. These projects were ideas that were decided upon by each pair and involve students and teachers. Projects vary and include eBooks, our city presentations, exploring data with probes among others. This showcase will allow you to:

  • Hear student voices
  • Hear teacher voices
  • Showcase student work
  • Have students provide feedback to each group virtually
  • Have PLMs "reporting live" from a school each day

This also a great opportunity to invite cohort 3 coaches to see the potential.

2 Day Agenda

This agenda would be repeated twice to allow for all ten groups to present their projects.

1:00 Kick-off and Keynote

1:30 group 1

1:40 Q & A

1:45 transition

1:50 group 2

2:00 Q & A

2:05 transition

2:10 group 3

2:20 Q & A

2:25 transition

2:30 group 4

2:40 Q & A

2:45 transition

2:50 group 5

3:00 Q & A

3:05 Closing Keynote

3:15 Dismissal