How to use Excel

(google spreadsheet)

What is a spreadsheet?

It's a rectangular grid of rows and columns used to enter data.

What is a Column and a Row?

A row is the horizontal alignment of information, and a column is the vertical alignments of information.

Four of the Functions

Max, Min, Average, and Sum

Max=largest amount of a number

Min=lowest amount of a number

Average=the middle of the two

Sum=the total of your numbers

How to create a chart on a spreadsheet

First, click the chart button, click on the chart you want, then click on it to edit it however you need it to be.

How to move a chart to a new sheet

Click on the chart, go down to where it says spreadsheet one, click on it, then click on move to own sheet.

Three other points

Format as currency- click on the dollar sign and one will appear for you next to where you clicked on.

Insert another row- click on insert then either row above, or row below.

123- if you click on that button you can round your number.