Heather Thorne

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About Me

My name is Heather Thorne and I am married to a wonderful man named Josh. He is a Sergeant in the Army and we are currently stationed on Schofield Barracks in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. It is very beautiful here and has been a wonderful cultural experience for our family. We have been here since October of 2013 and we will be leaving here in the next couple months. I am ready to move back to the mainland. As wonderful as it has been here, things are very expensive, it is very far from family and super expensive to go home to visit.

I am a mother to two wonderful children; an 8-year-old young man and a 14 month old little girl. My son is almost done with second grade and he is doing so well. His birthday is the end of October so he is one of the oldest kids in his class and I'm not sure yet if that's a good thing or a bad thing. My daughter is learning to walk and keeps developing so much. It has been interesting to watch how different my children have developed as well. My son was born on time whereas I was induced 4 weeks early with my daughter so she was a preemie.


Mom, babysitter, daycare worker

I have been babysitting children for 15 years now and worked as a daycare provider with 2-year-old children for a year. This is my last class in my journey to my Associate's Degree in early childhood education. I have taken 4 different classes on child development and I have learned so much from all of them.

What I Hope to Learn

After looking through the table of contents of our book it looks like we will be talking about developmental theories as well as the different stages that lead to early childhood. I am hoping to get a better understanding of the developmental theories as well as understand things that will influence children that I will be teaching.


Currently my goal is to graduate with my Associates' Degree at the end of this course. In the future I will be enrolling in a Bachelors' Degree program so that I can get licensed to be a teacher. I ultimately want to be a kindergarten teacher, but I also wouldn't mind any elementary grade. Here in Hawaii they have started a program called looping. They want to have the teachers advance with their students. So if I taught a class in kindergarten, when they move onto first grade I would be their first grade teacher. This is a program they are trying out to hopefully decrease the amount of anxiety students have about a new school year since they will already be familiar with the teacher. The parents can opt their child out if the child/teacher relationship was not productive for the student. I'm wondering if they will start this type of program