President Andrew Jackson

Hero of the common wealth

the national bank gets slayed

the national bank since the creation of our country. And Andrew Jackson shut it down because he did not believe it was helping every one and it was only helping the rich and it was corrupt. He signed the bill that shut it down and it crumbled to the ground. but little did he know it would hurt the economy in the near future.

The Removal of the Cherokee Indians

In the north part of Georgia their was a small tribe called the Cherokee. And they taught them selves the ways of Americans and tried to adapt and some where in out schools.they wanted to keep their lands and so they argued in court about it and they won and they just postponed the inevitable. Jackson hated this so he made them walk the trail of tears. there was 16,000 Indians and they lost 4,000 and they where promises protection and food, but they did not get anything but what was on them.
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Political cartoon

This cartoon is show what we did to the Cherokee nation and how we really did not care for them at all. It show how much of an impact we had on the people of the nation

what happend

the Cherokee had it really tough because when they where walking the trail of tears the worst winter storm hit and they where stranded at the Mississippi river for about 4 months

Andrew Jackson signed the Indian removal act and had the Cherokee removed forcefully.

The Tarif Crisis

Tariffs where passed and they made a tax on imported goods and it killed the south and the north made tons of money. Because of the tariffs made it so bad south Carolina threatened to secede because of it. But Andrew Jackson did not want that to happen so he was bout to send the army to south Carolina and they backed down. They came to a compromise and the tariffs still existed but they weren't to high.
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I think that the Cherokee had it to rough and they proved them selves in court and we sill stepped on them like they where nothing at all.

Well i think that it was a good thing because they where on our land and they should have Ben. We gave them a chance to move peacefully but they did not want to and they did not fallow the rules and i think they had to be punished for that.