OLR Planning Meeting Schedule

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Please input all of the dates below into your personal calendars, and contact me if there is a scheduling conflict. I'm excited about what God has in store this year at OLR.

Upcoming Planning Meeting

Sunday, April 10th, 4pm

130 North Magnolia Avenue

Orlando, FL

Our first deposit of $100 is due by our upcoming planning meeting Sunday, April 10. A payment plan will be distributed during our first meeting as well.

Bring something to our next planning meeting to include in the pet basket we’re building for the silent auction during the Jazz Fest. Also, follow Jazz Fest for Our Little Roses on Facebook and share the posts with your friends and family.

Planning Meeting Schedule

MAY 15: After 10:15 Service (roughly noon)
JUNE 12: After 10:15 Service (roughly noon)
JUNE 26: After 10:15 Service (roughly noon) PACKING MEETING