A Christmas Carol

By: Josie Shoenhair

Stave One

In Stave One we met The ghost of Jacob Marley, Fred, Bob Cratchet, and Ebenezer Scrooge.
The ghost of Jacob Marley is sad, regretful, and lonely.
Fred is cheerful, nice, and loves Christmas.
Bob Cratchet is nice, nervous when it comes to Scrooge, and grateful.

Ebenezer Scrooge is mean, grumpy, and hates Christmas.

Stave Two

The ghost of Christmas Past took scrooge back to when he was a boy sitting in the boarding school all along on Christmas. He watches the boy version of him self and it hurts him a little bit. They move to a couple years later next, His little sister come to get him and they go home to Christmas together. He took him back to the boarding school to show where his deep hatred of Christmas came from I think. Next they went to the Fezzywigs place where he interned. The ghost takes him there to show him how much fun he had on the holidays and he takes him there becuase it is the place he met his fiancee.The ghost then shows him the conversation when he and his fiancee break up and go their separate ways to show him how much the money actually hurt him. The ghost then shows him his Ex-Fiancee and her family talking about Scrooge and laughing about it, and it makes him re-think everything he did in the past a little bit.

Stave Three

The ghost of Christmas present first shows all the people in the town square having a great time to try and show Scrooge how fun that holidays actually were. Next he shows him the Cratchets Christmas. He sees Tiny Tim and it hits him hart to know that he is going to die if things didn't change for him and even thought Mrs. Cratchet hates him she still tanks him for everything they have. Next they go to his nephew Fred's house and he is having fun at the Christmas party and for a minute he forget they can't see him until they start making fun of him and it's really hard for him to handle hearing all the awful things they are saying about him, but it helps him realize what people actually think about him. Finally the ghost shows him the poor people all sitting around the fire and Scrooge wonders why they are there and then the ghost brings up what he said about the work houses and Scrooge feels awful for what he said.

Stave Four

The ghost of Christmas future shows scrooge the old men in the town square laughing about his death. He shows him this so Scrooge can know that no one really misses him honestly. Next he shows him the people that work for him stealing his things right after he dies and all going to the same pawn shop, unknowingly, and pawing off his stuff while they laugh about his death. Then comes the dead body under the curtain and that's when he is face to face with his death and it becomes real for him to see how alone he actually is.

Stave Five

In the last stave Scrooge wakes up in a panic becuase he has no idea what day it is! He yells out the window to a boy to ask and they boy tell him it's Christmas Day. He started jumping for joy and he send the boy to tell the butcher that he wants the biggest prize turkey. He decides that he wants to send it to the Cratchets to kind of repay them in a weird way. He jumps up and gets dressed and runs out to the streets. He is saying Hi to everyone and being very cheerful which is confusing a lot of people becuase usually he is very grumpy. He goes thought they day being cheerful and then he goes to his nephew Fred's house and asks to join the celebration. The next day he goes to work early and waits for Bob Cratchet to get there knowing that he would be late. Bob comes rushing in getting right to work thinking that Scrooge will be mad at him, but in the end he gives him a raise.

The moral of the story is that in life it's not all about money. It's about the people you have in your life and how you live your life that really matters.