Financial Advisor Career South Bay California – Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Are you good with handling money but are not working in the right place for your talent to get recognized?

Do you have ideas and skills to influence people to invest their money for the future or make a profitable move at the right time?

If you are all that talented then why are you working as a cashier at the petrol pump at the end of the street? It is time to make your career move now and go for a South Bay California financial advisor career.

According to the latest statistics:

1. There were a total of 249,400 jobs posted in the financial sector of United States.
2. The employment trend is expected to change positively over the next 10 years by 73,900 jobs.
3. The average growth rate for financial advisor jobs is 30% which is higher than all other occupations (7%).
4. The entry-level education required for applying to financial service jobs South Bay California is a Bachelor’s degree so you do not need to spend your golden years studying.
5. There is no work experience required for a financial advisor job.
6. The 2014 median pay for a financial advisor amounted to $81,060 a year i.e. $38.97 an hour.
7. According to the Forbes magazine’s 2014 Signature Series edition “The New Wealth Doctors – Wall Street’s Hottest Career” the article “One of the fastest-growing careers is in desperate need of young talent”, highlighted financial advisor jobs as the hot and promising career.

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