Hip Hip Hooray!

Mrs. Hensler's First Grade

January 11th - 15th


Monday - Reading - Book Baggy

Tuesday - Reading / Math Practice

Wednesday - Read Animal Groups

Thursday - Reading / Math Practice

**Sound Say 15 - Due Friday!

***Special Note - Starting Friday, students will be asked to read their reading and vocab tests on their own. At this point in first grade, students should be able to read more independently. It will be tough at first but, I believe in them!


Journeys Text of the Week: Animal Groups (Informational Text)

Skill - Compare and Contrast

Phonics - Long i (CVCe) / Digraphs kn, wr, gn, mb / Phonograms -ine and -ite

Grammar - The Verb be

Words to Know - bird / fly / those / both / long / walk / eyes / or

Spelling - Long i: time / bike / stripe / like / white / mice / kite / drive *Bonus Words* blizzard / January


Chapter #15 - Time to the Hour and Half Hour

*Hensler's Hints*

- January BOOK-It: Students will need to complete a the reading log to earn a Pizza Hut Book-it coupon.

***Scratch-off Items***

- Write "how to" do something, listing the steps using first, next, then, and last.

-Make a list of words that rhyme with shine.

- Find and bring in information on an animal of your choice.