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Earthquake PBL Project

The goal of this project was to construct a house that could withstand seismic activity for Tony Stark. We had to research characteristics of seismic activity and how a house is built that could hold up to earthquakes. We had to put all of this into mind when building our new house. The driving question was how can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California that can withstand seismic activity for Tony Stark? (Our design is down in the pictures below if you would like to see it.) What I from this project was all the details that go into building a safe and sturdy house (different materials, new technologies, building locations) that can withstand just about anything!

PBL Pictures!


30 Hands Project

The 30 Hands Project taught me about the concerns of climate change, global warming, the Greenhouse Effect, and different gases that effect of world's climate getting hotter and hotter everyday. It made me more aware that it is not only natural causes that effect the Earth's climate, but it is mostly us humans! By doing things like driving cars or using electricity, we are constantly releasing fossil fuels into the atmosphere causing the earth to get warmer. The part I most enjoyed about the project would probably be using PicCollage to make the slides. I really enjoyed decorating the slides, and in the end, I thought it looked pretty great!


Invention Convention

The environmental problem our invention solves is ocean pollution. Us humans leave trash everywhere everyday as well as chemicals from oil and fertilizers that are not good and safe for the ocean and animal habitats. Our invention is named the Happy Ocean Purifier and what it does is that seperates trash and oil from collected rain water (near a gutter) by conveyor belts in the sewer. There are water purifiers on the net that catches the trash, that clump up the oil so it is more accesible. This leaves the now fresh, clean water straight to the hydrodam and off to the ocean, safe for the animals! Down below is a picture of our model, all made out of trash! Below that is a more distinguished illustration of our invention. :-)
Big image
Big image

*Extra Credit*

My favorite unit we covered this year would probably have to be the Earthquakes unit. The highlight of the this unit and the factor that I liked most about the Earthquake unit was the Earthquake PBL Project. I really enjoyed working with my friends to come up and build our own house structure! I also learned about different faults, stresses, mountains, valleys, and all the characteristics of an earthquake as well as how the seismic waves form. My favorite lab in this unit was the slinky lab. I liked playing around with the slinky to represent the different types of seismic waves!