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What To Avoid When Installing Deadbolt Locks

It’s quite easy to install a deadbolt, and it’s also a good security practice to have one installed on your front door, maybe even with another lock for extra safety. The steps in installing them must be followed properly even if they’re fairly easy to do. It’s easy for anyone to make some honest mistakes which could make a fairly easy job turn difficult and very frustrating. It might also force you to waste more time fixing the problem at hand than it would to simply install the lock. The following tips will guide you through avoiding typical problems with deadbolt lock installation.

1. Though it might feel a little embarrassing and seem to be quite silly, there is a tendency for a person to find out that he locked himself out while testing if the lock is working. On the downside, yes, you are locked out of your home and might need help. On the plus side, this means that you’ve properly installed your brand new deadbolt lock. So to avoid falling victim to this mistake, you might want to consider keeping all the keys in your pocket.

2. For people who are perfectionists, make sure that you properly orient the mechanism in the right way on the face plate. Do this before you finalize any of the screws on the deadbolt. Though this might not have much of a negative effect on the lock itself, it might make things more difficult when you insert the key and of course, that little wrong detail might bug you.

3. When drilling the hole where you will install the deadbolt, begin from the inside and be careful. Watch out when the drill bit begins to show up in the other side of the door. Once this happens, you have to stop drilling and switch to that side before you continue with it. The splintering and damages that might occur on your door, especially if it isn’t that tough, will be thankfully minimized with this little tip.

4. Your deadbolt will not work unless all three holes are aligned properly with each other. These three holes are the hole that is holding the lock, the hole at the edge of the door which lets the deadbolt extend from the door and into the jamb, and the hole inside the door jamb which holds the bolt in place. They are very important when installing a deadbolt. Be patient and do your best to make exact measurements because otherwise you might have to buy a brand new door, which is naturally a bigger problem.

Now that you are aware of the little things that could go wrong, and a big problem in one of them, then you can now proceed in installing the deadbolt. You could even research beforehand for more tips if you’re still feeling a little wary. If you’re not confident with your do it yourself skills, or are not proficient with such tasks at all, then consider asking for a locksmith’s help. Check out