11622 paramont Way

Said to Be The Most Haunted house in the United States

The Story behind it all.

In 1867, a small family lived at this house on a farm. There was a young girl who went out to the field and never returned. Supposedly, after dark the family went out to look. All except the youngest boy who was Will, a 7 year old. after three hours, the family had not returned. Will was in his room trying to read when he heard a noise down the hall he thought it could be his family so he ran down the hall. As he made his way to the kitchen nobody was there.

He called out for his family but the only noise that came back was a blood curdling scream from the basement.

He hesitated for a moment and then slowly crept down the steps to the basement.Note that there were no flashlights only candles which will did not have. As he reached the bottom step. there was a dark shadow facing him. he stared back at it, Paralyzed when a second later it jumped out of the open window. He then heard a loud scraping noise in the far room. he screamed then ran to the back door where it was locked and would not come unlocked. As Will turned around he saw on the mirror written in blood was: You Will not escape. he ran up stairs and jumped out the window he heard hundreds or thousands of screams come from his house. He then ran out into the field as whispers followed.

After Three days Will was found dehydrated and almost starved. he was taken to a hospital where he mumbled stange words like i will devour the unborn or Suffer. after he had healed and recovered he had been sent to an insane asylum where he spent the rest of his years in a padded room all alone. he lived to be 17.

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11622 Paramont Way (above) This Photo was Taken 6 years later after a major renovation and the first people to live in the house since the deaths.
Sarah Fincher-the raven
This Video (Above) was taken on March 19th, 1994. Two teens were exploring the back porch when David (the boy) was attacked and sarah (the girl) ran off to see what happend. They were never seen again.

Since Then...

The House is currently owned by the Blevins Family. In the basement you may here screams. You may see hairy creature lurking through the basement also you will see a hockey player riding a hairy creature with a banana in his hand. The Paranormal activity is here to this day.