Mrs. G's Newsletter

September 14, 2016

Another Week!

Here is what we are doing!


We have started our next chapter, which focuses on rules and patterns within addition and subtraction. This chapter covers mental math aims to build a sense of numbers for students!


With our unit on Realistic Fiction, we have started writing down 'small moments.' A small moment story is just a moment in our life when we felt a strong emotion. We will use these small moments to inform a piece of realistic fiction!


We have been slotted to visit the school library each Wednesday from 11:00-11:30. I will do my best to remind our readers to make sure to bring those books back so he/she may check out new books each week. If someone does forget to bring back his/her books, he/she may go to the library during the morning time. No worries there!

We are still exploring how to enjoy books that we select for ourselves! I love getting to know our readers, I can tell we will all learn from each other this year!


We have added some new friends to our classroom! We now have African Dwarf Frogs, Fiddler Crabs, and Millipedes! We have been practicing recording qualitative and quantitative observations in our science journals!

Character Word:

Our Character Word of the Week this week is Integrity! We have defined integrity as the honesty to do the right thing, even when no one is looking. We are learning about what the phrase, "when no one is looking' means! We have talked about doing the right thing without expecting a thank you or an award. We do the right thing because that is showing integrity!

A small note on headphones!

Please make sure your student has a pair of headphones at school for the Chrome Books. I know Five and Below has headphones for $5 and the Dollar Tree has earbuds for $1! Please make sure your student has headphones or earbuds by the end of next week, please!

Scholastic Book Orders

Last week Scholastic order forms were sent home with your student! If you would like to order, please do so by September 15, 2016! You can order online, just click the button below!

Our class code is: PTVXM

PTO Fundraiser

If your student has sold items for our PTO Fundraiser, please make sure that the packet and order forms are turned in! We need to make sure we have all of them so our items and prizes can be ordered!