Hello Aiesec !

My name is Aymen Jallouli, Team member in IGIP for AIESEC Kocaeli in Turkey and I'm writing you this email to look for potential partners to deliver marketing, teaching and engineering train ships, that's why i would like that you provide me with contacts of your Eps in your different LCs.

About AIESEC in Kocaeli

One of the biggest local committees, able to run and perform huge exchange processes effectively. With a strong BD team, we are able to sell TNs on a daily basis, only waiting for your collaborations with EPs to deliver them our best experience possible. The stronger the partner, the stronger our September peak will be.

For the upcoming two months, we're looking towards 30 realizations and over. With over 20 more TNs available, and we're impatient to move towards the matching process.

About Kocaeli:

Kocaeli, Turkey's second largest industrial center after Istanbul, at the juncture of highways, railroads and sea routes connecting Europe with Anatolia and the Middle East, accounts for 15.4 percent of the country's foreign trade volume. It's home to 38 seaports and was 130 kilometers from Istanbul's Atatürk International Airport and only 45 kilometers from Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. It's accounting for over 14% of Turkey's industrial output.

​Exports from the city amounted to $11 billion in 2009 while the imports to the city totaled $26.6 billion.

A total of 2,200 companies are based in the city and 153 of them are foreign investments.

Major companies with facilities in the city are Ford Automotive, Unilever, Turk Pirelli, Goodyear, Hyundai, Honda, Areva T&D Energy, Ipragaz and Frito Lay

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the automotive industry is one of the rising sectors in the city

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Hyundai, Honda, Ford and Isuzu are auto companies that have invested in the region. Also tire companies like Good Year, Pirelli, Brisa and Ozka are based here and

​the city a



for about 30% of Turkey's automotive production.

Looking forward to a reply from your side.

Sevgilerle (best wishes) from Kocaeli :D