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Friday, April 26, 2019

NYS Math Test

The assessment will be given on Thursday, May 2nd and Friday, May 3rd. The testing session begins at 9:00.

On Thursday, the kids will answer 30 multiple choice questions. Just like the ELA, the math test will be taken on their chromebooks. The will also have access to scrap paper so they can make calculations or drawings to figure out the answers.

On Friday, they will have 8 multiple choice questions and 7 short answer questions. The short answer questions are those that require the student to show their work for full credit. New this year......kids can actually use their sharpened pencil like a stylus and write directly on their screen in the provided work space! An awesome option for some kids!

Kids should come to school prepared with gum and a board/card game to play after testing!


Mrs. Close's Class ~ The students have been busy getting ready for the NYS Math Test! You'll find three corrected packets in your child's Friday Folder. All of those packets are questions that NYS released from their 2017 test. I corrected and then we reviewed all of the work together. It's important to note that your child will encounter multiple choice questions that require scratch work. In fact, in the white packet, there are 2 multiple choice questions that actually require 2 steps to find the answer. Many students are inclined to do mental math. I have given several reminders that they should work out the answer! We even dabbled a bit in Module 6! During the upcoming week, we'll work with the released questions from last year's NYS test and continue to learn about decimals!

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ We are working on the last few lessons of Module 5. The students are adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Next week they will be multiplying a whole number and a fraction and a whole number and a mixed number. During our math time, we are also working on review for the upcoming state test. The students completed multiplication questions from a previous exam. In small groups we are working on the multi-step questions where the children have to show their work. We will continue with review next week as well.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ This week we have been working on adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators and mixed numbers. We have also been working on converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to improper fractions. Today we worked on solving word problems with fractions and mixed numbers. This week we have also been working on review for the state math test, and have practiced using the drawing tools on the Questar website, which the kids will use on the day of the test. I stress with the kids the importance of working out the answers and not doing mental math. Perhaps, you can remind your child to do this as well.


Today, each student was given a yellow study guide for the end of magnetism & electricity unit assessment. Kids can also access Quizlet through Schoology to review the vocabulary. We'll review in class too! The assessment will be given on Wednesday.

We are also in the process of reviewing content for the NYS Science assessment. This past week we focused on the life cycle of butterfly. The kids also created a model of the cycle. These kids are so talented!


Small Groups ~ They are still going strong! The kids reading Woodsrunner finished up before break. As a result, they are having their benchmark interviews with me. The How to Steal a Dog group is so close to finishing! They have really loved the story! Hatchet has been a hit too! That group is only about halfway through. They are seeing the many changes that the main character, Brian, goes through. Last but not least, the kids reading Beezus and Ramona will finish up on their own and we're going to start different work on Monday!

Picture Book Friday ~ Angelina finished up reading to us on Monday. She was cut short on the Friday before break because of swimming and music ensembles. Alex is planning to entertain us on next Friday!

Hero's Journey Narrative ~ Oh boy, the kids are loving this! Most kids have completed their plan and written the introduction. We spent time this week working on strong leads using dialogue, onomatopoeia, action, and establishing the setting. More work to come!

PAWS ~ I have decided to make a major modification to this work. For several months now the kids have had adult support from me and from you. It's time now for them to write on demand, check their own work, and submit! I will analyze their writing as it compares to 4th grade standards and then set a personal goal for each child. This goal should drive the next assignment.

SS ~ This week we spent time analyzing the two sides and how prepared each was for war. Be sure to ask your 4th grader about that conversation!

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Good news! The kids will only need to bring their instruments on Wednesday as ensemble day landed on lesson day!

Important Dates

May 2&3 ~ NYS Math Assessment

May 21 ~ Genesee Country Museum Trip

May 27 ~ Memorial Day - No School

June 24 ~ Onanda Park

From the Teacher's Perspective.......

This week I loved.....

  • how so many kids begged for read aloud!
  • when a student said that choosing the best words for writing introductions is important. Even Thomas Jefferson wrote many drafts of the Declaration of Independence to be sure he used just the right words.
  • watching the kids create the stages of the butterfly development.
  • listening to kids' excitement during small book groups.....especially those kids who barely say a word!
  • the debate; were the British better equipped for war?
  • when the kids told me to enjoy my break when they went to recess. :)