Titanic Survivor Lady Duff-Gordon

By ; Miriam Hernandez .

Personal Info .

Lucy Christiana known as Lady Duff - Gordon was one of the survivors of the wreck of the Titanic one of the most horrific disasters in 1912. Lucy was born June 13th, 1863 on a Saturday in London,England. When she was 48 yrs. old she got on the Titanic to travel to New York with her husband Sir Cosmo Duff - Gordon and her secretary Miss Laura Francatelli. Lucy, her husband, and Laura were rescued in Lifeboat 1.

The Ship

The Titanic was 882 ft. & 8 inches tall. The length of it was 883 in. (269m) long. The weight was 52,310 tons. Lucy traveled on First Class. The total cost of her ticket was £56 18s 7d. The accommodations of the First Class was 674 people in First Class. The rooms in the First Class had maids and had thick carpet, carved wooden panels on the walls, and the marble sinks. Also, it had swimming pools and a gymnasium.

Disaster And Rescue

It was around 11:40 p.m. and the 7th ice warning call just warned Captain Smith and Fleet were out in the calm, bitterly cold, moonless night looking for icebergs. Just in that moment Fleet saw something a hug, dark shape loomed out the night directly of the Titanic. So Fleet quickly sounded the alarm bell. The duty officer quickly turned the wheel as far as it could go. Then, the iceberg had struck a glancing blow along the Titanic's starboard bow. Laura got rescued in Lifeboat 1.

Lucy lived in London, England, She was a fashion designer. She died April 20th , 1935.