First Continental Congess

luz alba

Why are we upset!

We are upset because we do not like taxes! Its unfair! So we decided to have the first continental congress. Its unfair that soldiers can stay in our house whenever they want; but its our house not theirs. Also, they closed the harbor now we can't come in or out of the Boston harbor! Now we won't be able to leave or even worse get no food, no tea, no nothing! We have had to pay taxes on tea, and sugar paper, stamps and many more. Believe me you would not like it, not one bit!



We will have our first continental congress at September 5,1774 in Philadelphia

Our solution

All the delegates were ready to begin but the delegates for Georgia had not came. So we started. Finally we had the solution. We were ready to boycott. Our solution was to stop buying British goods. They will see our wrath when they have nothing for them. Next time they will listen!