Motivation Project

Brittany Dekker

The Incentive Theory of Motivation

Incentive Theory is when someone is tempted to do work knowing they'll get presented with a reward which will satisfy the idividuals needs for example; in high school, students work hard to get a diploma as their reward for succeeding.

The author of the incentive theory was Clark Hull and influeced many other psychologist.

Does motivation=happiness=productivity??

I think the driving question, motivation=happiness=productivity? Is true in some ways but in other ways not. I believe that motivation does equal happiness because if you are sad you won't have much confidence making it hard to accomplish things. Also motivation and productivity are linked because you need to be motivated to be on track and be productive. On the other hand I don't believe that happiness contributes to productivity because you can still be productive and not be happy.

Common questions of motivation

My opinion to the questions

  1. Can people be motivated by others or does motivation come from within? I think motivation comes from both, within and from other people.
  2. Why are people unhappy at work? I think people would be unhappy if the employer is bad at controlling the workplace or the employees get low pay.
  3. If there was free breakfast at work would people be more motivated to go to work? Yes because then the people would get food for free so people would want to come to work early.
  4. Would employees work faster and efficiently if the employees were able to listen to music? Yes because I work better listening to music.
  5. Does working together as a group improve your productivity in the workplace? I think it really depends on the person and whether the person likes to be told to do something by one the employee group members.

Researched answers to the five motivation questions

  1. Motivation comes from with though it can be activated by someone who but in most cases when someone is motivated by someone, they are usually threatened. The person who is motivated by someone normally last for a limited time and a person who motivated by themselves last for a long time.
  2. People at work could be unhappy if they are getting bullied, low pay, work in general, lack of social connections, the security isn’t good, and/or the misbehavior in the workplace.
  3. Free breakfast would be a great idea because people of course love food and it would give them the opportunity to show up to work on time.
  4. Listening to music while doing work is good, research has shown that it helps improve focus and get rid of the external noises that disturb your working time. It helps when you are doing monotonous work and/or of you are intensely working on something.
  5. Working together to accomplish your work is a good idea b/c you can get work done faster. You can also create a bond between the employees, making it a fun and good climate to work in for the employers. It makes the employees proud of what they have done.

The survey

According to the data from the survey, I can say that many people said that money motivates them to work and every one like the idea of free breakfast. Most everyone said that wearing a uniform would be a bad idea.