5th Grade Newsletter

November 9-13

If you have not had a chance to schedule a conference please make sure to sign up for one. We are looking forward to getting a chance to meet with you all.

In reading we are reading the story, "Summer of Fire". We felt this was a very relevant story for right now with all the wildfires that have been spreading across our country. Students will work on vocabulary and comprehension skills with this story.

In fifth grade math, Students will be estimating division problems, but later in the week will begin actually solving some long division type of problems.

In accelerated math, students will be graphing ratios and working on proportions.

In writing, students will be writing their own version of George Ella Lyons "Where I'm From" poem. We have annotated the original poem, practiced writing one as a class, and now they are ready to write their own original version. Looking forward to reading these all.

We will be finishing up our science this week, and then will start back in social studies. We will be reading chapter 3 which is about the eastern hemisphere. Students will learn about Asia's Silk Road, Africa's Trading Empires and European Explorers,

In spelling, we are looking at C and G words. Please continue to have students study nightly and review their homophones.

Thank you for all you do...we are loving this group of students!