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Thursday 23rd of April 2015

Dear Area 31 Entrepreneurs and Friends,

As the deadline to apply to our Incubator in Area 31 approaches, teams in the present edition are getting ready to leave. They're having their second to last Area 31 Get Together on Monday. Candidates to the new intake are welcome to join Thursday's Open House Day to learn more about application and selection processes. On Tuesday night, lawyers will offer free mentorship to startups and investors will join us for an exclusive pitching event. Finally, Wednesday night will be devoted to cultural and social innovation, with the presentation of the documentary Nairobi 3.0 by the NGO Voces.

Outside of Area 31, the European Commission organizes en event on e-leadership. In terms of opportunities, check out BReady's program for Social Ventures and Plug&Play Accelerator's application process. And on our blog, you can meet Valigo, incubated in Area31.


Area 31 April Get Together

Monday April 27th 2015


Location: Area 31, The Garden

The teams in the Incubator in Area 31 will hold their monthly get together. This is a networking opportunity for each startup to share their recent achievements, seek support to overcome challenges and share insights and growth tips.

Legal Mentorship session for entrepreneurs.

Tuesday, April 28th 2015
Location: tbd

In this session, lawyers will spend 30 minutes offering legal mentorship to each startup on one of the following topics: Corporate Law, Tax Law, Labor Law, Open Round on preventive advice. If you're interested in signing up please email

Go Beyond Investing Chapter in Spain

Tuesday, April 28th th 2015


Location: Area 31, The Valley

This is the first GBI Investment Event in Spain. Investors will meet start-ups seeking financing. Go Beyond enables novice to sophisticated and small to large investors to build, manage and exit diversified portfolios of direct investments in young, fast growing companies. This is a private event for accredited investors and selected startups. Attendance is per invitation exclusively.

NAIROBI 3.0, Cultural Innovation for Impact

Wednesday April 29th 2015
Location: Area 31, The Valley

This event will be in Spanish

The NGO Voces will present Nairobi 3.0 , a documentary that shows how cultural innovation and social entrepreneurship are good catalysts to overcome the ever growing challenges posed by inequality. Nairobi 3.0 reminds us that beyond devastating tragedies occurring in Africa, there’s much more: life, art , ideas, culture and a desire to ignite change. register here.

Area 31 Open House Day

Thursday April 29th 2015
Location: Area 31, The Garden

Are you interested in applying to the Incubator in Area 31? Join us in next Thursday's Open House Day! This will be an opportunity for entrepreneurs to visit Area 31, meet entrepreneurs who are at present in the incubator and ask questions about the program and the application and selection process. Register here.

Venture Network

Thursday April 30th 2015
Location: Area 31, The Garden

IE's weekly pitch slam, in a casual setting over beers, is perfect to focus on what’s important: building relationships, practicing and improving. Find more info and register to pitch here.


Are you leading us into the Digital Economy?

Monday April 27th 2015

Location: Aula Magna , IE Business School (C/ María de Molina, 11)

The European Commission initiative found that closing the e-leadership skills gap requires a range of educational ecosystem actions. In particular it needs strong collaboration of demand and supply stakeholders to create new educational offers. The present event is one of five regional events organised by the European Commission across Europe. Register here


Talent Search People organizes a bussines event of a multinational courier with more than 1450 franchises all over the world, 192 of them located in Spain. The company will present its bussines plan, the methodology , the requirements and conditions needed to develop each one of their proyects and the brand support given to each one of their associates.

The event will take place next Tuesday the 12th of May, in their office in C/ Serrano, 93.5ºA at 18:00h. If you want to participate please contact them on this email


Do you want To B-Ready?

Deadline May 8th

The Ship2B foundation, with the collaboration of Catalunya Empren program launches the B-Ready program, through which prepares and accompanies innovative, scalable and high-impact social startups. The B-Ready program offers high-level training with a group of mentors, investment opportunities and network of contacts to help boost sales, secure funding and strengthen your team. more information

Apply Now For Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator

Deadline: May 3rd

Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator's next application phase has started. Startups, future founders and great teams are more than welcome to apply for BATCH VII. Applications will be accepted until MAY 3rd. This time we will screen startups during pitch days in Berlin and Vienna.
#APPLY: Click here and apply with your startup.
#REWARD: Refer a startup, if we select the team we'll invite you to the NOAH Conference in June.
#SHARINGisSHARING: Share this link ( on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or on your blog and we owe you a favour.


Meet the startups in Area 31: Valigo

Author: Luis Cornide, cofounder of Valigo

Valigo is a web-based application through which companies can conduct their recruitment processes in a quality-oriented and efficient way, by using automatic video interviews.

A typical recruitment process consists of several steps. First, the vacancy is published on jobsites or corporate job portals so that any interested candidate may apply. Then, the person in charge of the process screens the candidates and draws up a list of initial candidates. These initial candidates will be interviewed once, twice or even more times. These intermediate interviews are conducted both by phone or face to face. Eventually, after the interviews, the candidates will be shortlisted so that two or three final candidates will be selected. The shortlisted candidates will then be interviewed by the person they will directly report to. Read More


The use of Area 31 as a coworking space will be limited during the following days:
  • Tuesday, April 28th, 18:30-20:30 Only half of the space will be available
  • Wednesday, April 29th, 19:00-20:30 Only half of the space will be available
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