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Friday, December 18th 2020


Character Strong - Family Dares

I hope you all had a chance as a family to complete the dare from this past week: Sweet Neighbors. It was an opportunity for us to be thoughtful of family, friends, and neighbors and make or buy them something sweet!

We will resume the family dare process after winter break!

Character Strong Student Recognition

Each week, our building will focus on a different trait of the Eight Essentials. 10 students will be recognized for modeling this trait throughout the week. This week's focus was Patience.

The following students selected were:

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Reminder of 2nd Quarter and 2nd Semester

Once we return on January 4th, second quarter will continue that week until January 8th. The new semester and third quarter will begin on January 11th. The reason for this was to try to create a balance in the length of quarters due to the delayed start this year.

Delaying Return to Full In-Person Plans Until February 1st

In collaboration with our local health authorities, the District has decided to again pause our return to full in-person learning at the secondary level. We will delay the January 11, 2021 return to full in-person plans in grades 6-12 until February 1. In-person learners in these grades will continue with their current alternating schedule learning scenario. See January's Alternating Schedule Calendar linked here. In collaboration with the Platte County Health Department (PCHD), recognizing that community spread is the main concern and our health department is anticipating a spike in cases following winter break, we do not feel it is the right time to bring everyone back following an extended holiday. Workforce availability is also a significant concern. We will analyze the impact of winter break and the implementation of a shorter quarantine period starting January 4, to make a decision for February 1. Our goal is to return to full in-person learning, when we have the support of our local health authorities, and we have the available workforce. We will continue to plan for such a return, but will also continue to monitor data and information in collaboration with the Platte County Health Department to make difficult decisions.
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Clothing Reminder

As the seasons change, remember to send in extra clothes that are weather appropriate for your child in the event they have an accident at school.

Stay Connected


Welcome to Mrs. Richison's Virtual Office! Please click around the room to find information regarding district resources, coping skills, ways to contact me, and more.

Giving Tree

We helped 18 Barry families (totaling 78 people) and received over $3500 in gift card donations from Barry families and staff.

Treasure Chest (Repeat)

The Treasure Chest is our school district resource center. It is a stocked pantry providing food, clothing, toiletries, and other household supplies. All items in the Treasure Chest are free to PCR-3 students and families who participate in the Free or Reduced School Lunch Program. The Treasure Chest is open for shopping every week of the calendar year on Wednesday evenings from 4pm-6pm. Families must register at the following link or call 816.858.7001 weekly so we can appropriately plan for resources. Once approved, families can drive through at the original Treasure Chest site (in the north parking lot of PCHS). Identification must be provided in order to receive food.

Register weekly here:

If you need to complete a new lunch application for the 2020/2021 school year, please follow this link:


Please feel free to visit our counselor's virtual office for counseling related materials.

Safe Schools (Repeat)

If you need to submit a tip regarding school safety (bullying/threats/violence/etc.), please click here.

Follow us on Social Media (Repeat)