Katy ISD Basketball News


Employee of the Month

Our Coach of the month this month is Coach Huff. Coach Huff has done an exceptional job this past month. Coach Huff is the Cinco Ranch Freshman A team coach. His team has a done a great job this past month which has featured him in our employee newsletter. Coach Huff was born in Houston, and has lived here all his life. When Cinco Ranch High School was first formed Coach Huff was on the first varsity basketball team.

Community Events

In this upcoming month we want to have some community events held, to help promote awareness of the Katy Isd Basketball teams. We would like to have a community fun day sometime this month. On that fun day we would like to have blow ups, and some fun games for players and their families. Another community events we would like to have is a family picnic for all Katy Isd Basketball players, and Coaches. This event would help with families bonding with the coaches and getting more comfortable with the origination.

Staying healthy

We also want to talk about the importance of staying healthy because staying healthy might be one of the most important factors of playing in a game. Eating the right portion and having a balanced meal can also impact your performance in games. Sciences show that drugs can have lasting effect on brain and body. Using drugs often compromise judgment and physical abilities and makes a person unable to perform in a variety of context:

Ways to stay healthy



Music or dramatic arts.

Decisions making in everyday situations.

Driving any kind of vehicle.

Operating equipment or tools.

Drug use also diminishes health, physical appearance, and motivation. It impairs judgment, leading to risky decisions and behaviors, and it directly reduces physical and intellectual performances in many areas.

As you can see, taking drugs may enhance your performance, but they are not good for you

Multi sports and One sport athletes

Hello coaches,

We are here to inform you about the pros and cons about your athletes being a multi sport athlete, multi sport athletes have very good pros, and one sport athlete have its pros but the cons are worse.

Multi sport athlete pros-

Injury rate decreases

New skills developing

Higher chance of making bigger better teams

When one sport doesn't work out, you have another sport to back you up

Multi sport athlete cons-

Focusing on school maybe much harder cause of always having practice.

Focusing on your career sport that you wanna do after college.

Not much free time for other activities

Stress levels increase

One sport athlete pros-

One sport priority

Less stress

More time for other activities

Have more time for homework and getting better grades

One sport athlete cons-

Injury rate increases

Only have the skills for one sport

Might not become a professional in that one sport.

While being a one sport athlete may seem good it has big disadvantages like if you’re planning on becoming a professional player for a sport like for instance basketball, if someone decimated their whole just for basketball and then end up not making it big, what else are they gonna do because it too late to start a new sport because you won't be noticed for it and because you don't have the skills for another sport or you don't have the skills to have a good job, because you didn't study or major in the job.

From, Cinco Ranch Junior High students