Texas revolution

Emmanuel,and Braiden

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  • Santa Anna sent Steven .F. Austin to jail and it angered the Texans.
  • Texans did not want to follow the rules and laws.
  • Texans disliked slavery.

Battle of the alamo

the Texans cried ''Remember the Alamo''

Mexico won the battle of the Alamo against Texas on march 6,1836

Texans did not want for Santa Anna to have the Alamo in his hands

Texas Declaration of Independence

Texas Declared Independence from mexico

William Travis

Military leader at Alamo

Died at Alamo

Victory or death letter

James Bowie

Sick at the Alamo


David crockett

King of the outdoors


Fought and died at Alamo

gorge childress

wrote Declaration of Independence

Sidney sherman

leader of San Jacinto

"Remember the Alamo"

Sam Houston

Leader at San Jacinto

Jaun Seguin

San Jacinto messenger

Soldier in San Jacinto


Dictator of Mexico

Leader of Mexico

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