All Things Avondale: Sept. 3, 2021

Weekly AESD Update

Read On: Changing The Trajectory Of A Community Through Literacy

How does chronic absenteeism affect early childhood literacy? How did a community partner step alongside the district to provide alternate avenues for families to reach academic goals? Our community partner shares the work provided that helped change and shape our community.

Tune in here to our latest AESD Scoop episode with our guest, Dawn Gerundo.

Parent COVID Communication PPT

Please click here to learn more information about our district's COVID mitigation plan.

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Help us recognize our exceptional staff!!!

AESD is proud to have educators and staff that share the same vision and mission of educational excellence. At AESD, we want to celebrate our staff year round for all their hard work and dedication. Their work makes a difference!

Do you have an AESD employee who has gone above and beyond with your family? Let us know how they have made an impact and we will celebrate them on campus and in our weekly district newsletter. See our first shoutout below and help us celebrate our staff!

AESD Cares Staff Recognition Of The Week

"I wanted to give your custodian, Carlos a shout out this morning! My car battery died as I was taking my boys to the ACE program so my car would not start when I went to leave. Carlos helped me push the van out of the way of traffic and helped me jump my van so I could get to my own classroom full of students. He didn't have to help me but he did!"

Thank you,

CMSA parent

This Week At AESD...

In The STAR Kitchen

Every week, STAR Academy students engage in numerous life hack classes. From knitting to gardening, physical education to knitting!

This week, students cooked up something great in the kitchen by making breakfast in the classroom!

Before & After Care at AESD

Need a before and/or after school care option for your children? AESD is currently accepting applications for our program! Click the link for more info or call our office at (623) 772-5004.

Testing opportunities still continue at Copper Trails School through Embry Women's Health.

To schedule a COVID-19 test or learn about testing centers near you, click here.

AESD: Voted Top 3 Best School District