Things Not Seen


One day Bobby Phillips finds himself invisible. Will he be able to be seen again or will he stay like this forever? Read Things Not Seen to find out.

Summary-Kylie Stark

Bobby Phillips is just a normal kid living in Chicago, that is until he wakes up one morning unable to see himself, and strangely, nobody else can see him as well. Not knowing what to do, Bobby immediately runs downstairs and tells his parents and shows them that somehow, he turned completely invisible overnight. Having no clue how it happened Bobby’s mom and dad tell him he will just have to lay low until they figure out how to fix this vanishing crisis. Getting bored of just sitting around Bobby leaves against his parents wishes and goes to the library and tries to act like it is just another normal day. That is until just before he leaves and almost exposes his secret by running into a girl outside, before realizing that she is blind and helping her backup before running home. Later on he becomes friends with the girl he ran into when Bobby sees her at the library again and discovers her name is Alicia. Eventually Bobby decides to tell Alicia and her family that he is invisible, after he deems them trustworthy. Child services are beginning to wonder where Bobby is and start demanding to know, though unable to expose his secret, Bobby has to turn visible with the help of his family and Alicia’s before the truth is revealed.

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About The Author, Andrew Clements-Ben Krueger

Andrew Clements was born on May 29, 1949 in Camden, New Jersey. In the middle of sixth grade moved to Springfield, Illinois. He was always given lots of books to read while growing up. This sparked a passion of reading in his life. Before and after moving to Illinois, his family spent their summers on a lake in Maine. The cabin they lived in had no TV, phones, or even a doorbell. As a result, Andrew often found himself reading. During his senior year, he got an A on a poem he wrote which was very rare. This event inspired him to go to Northwestern University and become a writer and teacher. After graduating, he spent 7 years teaching public schools in Chicago. He got married his first year of teaching to Rebecca Clements. Soon, he published his first book Frindle in 1996. This book started his career, and as of today, he has 60 published books! The amount of published books is expected to raise shortly because Andrew Clements believes he will continue to publish books.

Cast of Characters-Karleigh Tamillo

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Book Review- Xander Sindler

A book that causes you to put yourself in others shoes, or to see what others are feeling, thinking, and going through. In Things Not Seen, I didn’t really feel as much pity for Bobby as I did for Alicia. Bobby at least had hope. Bobby was invisible and there was a chance of him becoming visible, of becoming “normal”. Alicia is blind and unless some miracle happens she will stay blind. In her case she hit her head in the middle of the night but didn’t feel any effects at the moment, but woke up while she still thought she was sleeping. Even so, she feels just as invisible as Bobby. All of the people around her just avoid the blind girl just as people avoid Bobby. Except for the fact that although she cannot see people stare, she can feel all of the people’s eyes locked onto her. In conclusion, this was a very good book that has taught me a good lesson to never ignore people with any sort of disability or difference because even just saying “hi” can make someone’s day. Overall an alright book, but in my opinion the beginning and end needed a little bit of work because the book started out very abruptly and ended without coming to some sort of conclusion or suitable end.

“A readable, thought-provoking tour de force, alive with stimulating ideas, hard choices, and young people discovering bright possibilities ahead.”- Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

“The author spins a convincing and affecting story.”- Publishers Weekly

Are Invisibility Cloaks Possible?

Video Clip-Isabel Alford

This video clip relates to the novel Things Not Seen, because in the story a young teenager named Bobby wakes up one morning and suddenly finds himself invisible. The plot of the story is basically how Bobby overcomes obstacles that occur due to his new invisibility, and how his perspective changes when he meets a blind girl named Alicia. In the video clip, it explains how far away we are from scientifically developing an invisible cloak. Although it’s not quite like Bobby’s invisibility, it is quite similar. The video explains how the human eye sees color, and how scientists have used that to develop metamaterials that produce the same kind of transparent effect that Bobby had. It also talks about how these new developed products have affected the world so far, such as catching the interest of the military. The military has been interested in these new metamaterials ever since the research started, and the video states that some of the invisible products will be tested on military weapons in the next couple of years. However, in the book Bobby keeps his invisibility a secret for that exact reason. An example in the book, is where an event occurs where Alicia’s dad and Bobby’s dad are working on trying to turn Bobby visible again, and the conclusion they come up with is not good. Bobby then proposes that they go public with his invisibility, so that more scientists can work on solving his “invisible problem.” Bobby’s dad then says this, “ ‘But still, this kind of science can hurt people. Do we want invisible soldiers and police and spies all over the place? Or invisible criminals? Can you imagine the level of security we’d have to live with if this technology becomes known?’ ” Although these new invisible metamaterials may be a scientific breakthrough, it does have its consequences.