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Day 1 , December 14 2015

I now learned about what we are doing now with possible cures. turns out that there are lots of possible cures . I guess there are a lot more people than I think helping out.

Day 2 , December 15, 2015

I'm now trying to find out what is in these possible cures to try and put these ingredients together for a definite cure.

Day 3 ,December 16 , 2015

there are plenty of ways to treat cancer , including essaic tea and prescribed medicine.
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Day 4 ,December 17 2015

i'm currently researching how these treatments help so i can use them for a cure.

Day 5, December 18 ,2015

its the last day till christmas break. with the break , i can spend more time on my research.

Day 6 December 19 2015

its finally the break. i may have all this time , but i still have a long way to go