Ms. Amanda's Class Newsletter

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"normal" - whose to say what's normal?

Not us! What we're trying to do, us room reps, is be a part of "norming" in all CWC Silverlake classes are trying to follow the same standard having a Parent's Corner, all classes creating a Class Fund, or getting the newsletter on the First and Third Thursdays of the month, for example. So, here it is! But this time, on the Third Thursday of the month....hey, I sent it before mid-night :)



Seriously, this fundraiser is a great experience - and is something that WORKS to bring in the funds we need to keep our school flourishing. All our kiddos need to be registered by Halloween -- or it's all tricks for you!! :)

It's easy. Just walk that mouse right up there and do it!

Want a cookie with that Talent??

So what is "CWC's Got Talent" Anyway?

It is a FREE reference guide for all of our families.

Need a contractor? Help with your garden? Wish you could hand that sewing project off to someone? Need a photographer? Etc? Etc!!

Just go to the Talent Guide and find someone from our community that can do the job - and might even be offering a CWC discount!

Please take the time to fill out the form below if you haven't already done so (hard copies of this form were sent out a few weeks ago), and be a part of this amazing resource.

Please forward any questions to our own Jennifer Newton at Thank you!

First Grade Field Trip

You should have received a permission slip this past Tuesday....for the field trip to Amy's Farm. Please turn in your permission slip by Next Friday, Nov. 1st. Checks can be made out to CWC Silverlake. Please contact Ms. Amanda if this is an issue. Please contact Erica Chapman if you are interested in making this adventure as well.

Looking Coffee and Crumpets

It's our turn to host the Coffee Social with Ramona on Friday, November 8th. Please look for the sign up in the Parent's Corner for coffee or treats to bring that morning.

$$$$$$$$$$$ Don't forget the $$$$$$$$$$

that is....the mula for the class fund....turn in your envelope to Jenn or Amanda, with cash or check made out to CASH. Any and every amount is treasured. (hahahaha)


HUGE Thank you's to the following parents who answered the call:

Jenn Newton, John Newton, Nipper Knapp, Marija Thomas, Asha Farris, Tamara Bick, Drew Antzis, Michell Kaplan, Jen Colin, Scott Blackburn, Monique Chambers, Tanya Lotts, Erica Chapman, Heather Luke, Shawn Keltner

Simply, The school wouldn't operate well without US. Yay, us!!

And speaking of cleaning.....

The Dream Team of Clean is open to new players!

and NO tests required....just some time on Wednesdays at 1:30pm.

Please check it out -- and as my daughter "Tsunemily" prevents me from cleaning on that day, I am volunteering to safely shephard any kids of cleaning parents to the park while you clean. Please email me directly at!!

I can take up to 3 additional kiddos with me - thanks to the family "I'll-never-own-one" van.


as per the Monday Message :

Halloween Celebration Details
Our Halloween Celebration will be held at 2:40 pm on the volleyball court area at North Campus. We will be busing over Ms. Emmy and Ms. Vanessa’s kindergartners so it will be a fun whole school event! Parents who come watch the parade can take their South Campus children directly home from there. If your child is in Super Duper at South Campus and you cannot make it to the parade, the bus will take your child back to South Campus. Parents please remember the following:

  • You can start coming onto the campus at 2:00 to save a spot (being mindful that Grant’s dismissal is 2:20pm and the parade won't start until 2:40pm). We will section off and label the volleyball court so that there is a clear spectator area.

  • Send your child to school in their regular school clothes and their Halloween costume packed in their backpacks. Teachers and TAs will help children change into their costumes before the parade commences.

  • Each grade level will walk around a path twice.

  • Remember the basic costume guidelines included in last week’s e-mail message: no face paint, masks, fake blood, or weapons; wear comfortable shoes; make sure students can fit their costume over their school clothes.

  • North Campus parents will be able to take their kiddos home directly after the parade. Please sign your child out with your child’s teacher or TA.
    *Please consult your child's teacher for any Halloween projects or activities that may be taking place that day*

If you have a TB test and a Live Scan.....

YOU get to Help out with ART -- or Help TUTOR in the mornings.

Look for more details about this in an "Update" email next week.


Our first Parent's Night that sitter for Friday, Nov. 8th. 6-10pm.

We'll be meeting at Barbarella - a flyer to be posted in the Parents' Corner and in the HW folders.....