Tech Challenge - Google Drive

Google Drive Tutorial 2014 - Quick Start

An overview:

A Google Drive tutorial for 2014 serving as a quick start tutorial and overview of the most important features of Google Drive to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Video element

This video is 17:17 in length and quickly touches on the main tools of Google Drive.

It is done by Anson Alexander, who will also have several follow up "how-to" videos going into more detail on each of the tools.

Steps to Take:

1. Sign up for a new account, if you don't already have one.
2. After signing in, take a minute to watch the video at (one idea would be to watch the video on one device while working along with the video on your computer)
3. Create a new Google Document or Google Form that you could use with your class, club or faculty.
4. Share it with your class, club or faculty.
5. Fill out the review form at There will be a question in the form asking for a link to your Google Doc or Form. Just copy the URL and paste it into the answer box for that question. This is how you will "turn in" the challenge. (There are step-by-step instructions at the bottom, if needed.)

Necessary Links:

Google Drive Tutorial 2014 - Quick Start

Step-by-Step to Turn in Your Google Challenge:


1. In your Google Drive, click on the document, form or survey results that you want to turn in. This will open that document, form, etc.

2. Once in the document, form, etc., copy the URL from the bar at the top of the screen

3. Paste that URL on the google form in the answer box provided at:

Additional Resouces: