The Echo Memo: Oct. 17, 2016

A weekly memo to the Smith staff from your leadership team.

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Bright Spots since the last memo....


PLEASE add more from what you see and do! :) Making memories!

- Avanti Allen, Fire Prevention Poster Winner

- Graphic organizers and anchor charts engage students

- Student leaders take learning to new levels

- Data notebooks getting off the ground

- Art blooms in the halls!

- Second graders sing, move and showcase their skills

- Kindergarteners learn new words from their field study to the farm!

- Kinders are crowned for Sight Word Success! woohoo!

Give us a peek into your day. If you need help - reach out for support.

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Knighting Ceremony This Week

Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016

K-2nd: 8:00 am - 9:00 am

3rd-4th: 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Classroom teachers

  1. Choose one student to exemplify the virtue - FRIENDSHIP.

  2. Send home invitations to parents. Here is a sample invite.

  3. Write a brief description of how the student exemplifies friendship.

  4. Use this form EAFK - Friendship to write a description, and send it to Ms. Sunshine by end of day, Tuesday, Oct. 18th.

  5. Reads the accolade about their student during the ceremony, and

  6. Prepare the class by reviewing how to act during the event.

Flex Time stays the same time on Thursdays for 3rd grade.

Specials remains the same for EVERYONE. Coach Garcia, Mrs. Pryor, and Ms. Vu will have flex and specials as usually scheduled.

Gym Class is relocated outside. If it is raining, the library, cafeteria, or move room is an option.

Dates of 2016-17 Virtues and Ceremonies for Early Act First Knight

Ideas from Twitter....#Engagement Factor

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Lesson Planning: Growing Together


  1. Lesson plans for the upcoming week will continue to be completed in a shared Google Doc by Friday at 4pm with a link in Eduphoria.

  2. In order to deepen our collaboration and conversations, we tweaked the protocol. See revisions on the revised Planning Meeting Protocols: Agenda for Wed & Flex. Riverbed > Lesson Planning

  3. Two weeks ahead in lesson plan template - shared with others - is the goal!

Book Fair Door Contest

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Book Fair Door Contest at Smith Elementary

Since book fair week is approaching - we should have a little contest.

Please do not hesitate to recruit parents to do the decorating for you. There will be impartial judges. *Now for the Goodies.* 1st place: Every student gets a free book. 2nd place: Classroom teacher gets $50 to spend at book fair 3rd place: Classroom teacher gets $25 to spend at book fair. This is contest is optional, but if you are interested in participating, please have your doors ready to be judged by *Oct. 24, 2016.* ... more »

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Morning Announcements on YouTube

Bookmark the YouTube Channel for Morning Announcements

Teachers may find them on Riverbed > Schedules > Video Announcements

We now have a Parent Page! Please share this website link with parents in communication newsletters and conferences: Student Announcements for Smith Families.

Fire Safety Contest

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This Week #9

FLEX continues 7:45am this week.

No Flex next week: 10/24-28

Instead of FLEX planning next week (10/24-28), use the time to review the 9-week assessments with students in an engaging way. Incorporate time to complete Student Data Notebooks and Data Walls in the room and in the halls. Praise effort - effort - effort.

Monthly Virtue: RESPECT

  • 9-Week Testing: End of 9-weeks. See dates on calendar / schedule

Save the date** Faculty Meeting set for Thursday, Oct. 27th

Dr. Hernandez and W. Goodwin will join us. 3:45 for a review of our Action Plan and Teams

Bus Safety/ Bus Driver Appreciation Week 10/17-21

Monday, Oct. 17

  • Report the total of your class 100s chart to Ms. Sunshine! Did we recognize effort?

Tuesday, Oct. 18

Tiffany Littlejohn Out at Prof. Learning Session

  • 2nd grade Soc Studies; 3rd grade Science, 4th grade ELAR
  • 3:45pm Culture / Community Action Team (CCAT) meeting

Wed, Oct.19

Vickie Echols Out at Principal Meeting; Tiffany Littlejohn Out at Prof. Learning Session

Thursday, Oct. 20

Friday, Oct. 21

  • Mary Ann Ross, Teacher Specialist 10/19-21
  • 2nd grade ELAR, 4th grade Social Studies, 4th grade Social Studies
  • Report Card Grades Due 10/21
  • RtI Progress Meetings
  • LUNCH provided by Texas AFT

NEXT WEEK -Look ahead - Riverbed Home

Upcoming Events:

  • No Flex time in specials next week - Dedicated time for students to review data
  • Judging of the Door Contest - 10/24
  • Red Ribbon Week: Dress Schedule 1024-28
  • Fall Book Fair 10/24-28
  • Parent Conferences all month - extended hours Tues, 10/25, til-8pm
  • Picture Day - 10/25, in Gym - Schedule for students; 4pm Teachers
  • BOAT meeting 10/25, 3:45 pm
  • Faculty Meeting, 4pm 10/27
  • Goal setting / Data meetings 10/27-28

Lesson Plans Protocols:

7:45 planning starts / 4:00 pm lesson plan link submitted


Coming up:

Think Through Math, 10/20, 4pm

Guided Reading, 10/12

Independent Work Time and Readers Notebook, 10/20

Shared Folders - See all

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Need Trade Out Days???

Read about this amazing experience:

EdCamp, FREE event, is Coming - Two Dates to Choose From

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See how ongoing and varied assessment informs instruction.

Learning Environment

Refresh your ideas with these videos of professionals who are set up for success.

Planning and Instruction

Watch a few short videos for new ideas on how to conduct your Circle Time and other Start of School Routines. First Weeks of School, and Morning Meeting Greeting
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