Character Analysis: Nora

Personal Conection

The way that i relate to the character in my book is by being strong and thinking that everything will be okay. Basically if something ever happens to me i always keep my mind positive and i tell my self that everything will be fine i try to find a way to make everything better i try to do something to fine out whats happening or whats going on. My character Nora she had her family and her father had came to the united states because he would have a better job better pay and he could send money to his family but somehow sometime he just stopped sending money he stopped calling and he basically lost communication with his family. Nora and her family were worried about him they didn't know what was going on they called and tr to contact him but there was never a response back. Nora decided that they should come to the united states to look for her father when they got there they had so many things to go through but when they finally found out were her father was working they found out that he had an accident at his job and he died but no one tried to help him and they just left him there. as you can see now she couldn't just sit there and wait for her father or sit there and not find out what was going on she had to do it her self and see what was wrong with her father why hasn't he communicated with them.