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New Online Grassroots Osteopathy Publication

For Osteopaths with Inquiring Minds

We are building a new online osteopathy publication for osteopaths with inquiring minds.

The publication will featuring engaging articles & multimedia content written by a large selection of osteopaths and related professionals to help us explore the depth of osteopathy together.

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We are looking for contributors who are on board with what we are doing. Could you contribute articles on a one off or regular basis, or help in another way?

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By Osteopaths For Osteopaths

Our aim is to support osteopaths in becoming the best osteopaths they can be.

We are using a cutting edge publishing platform and innovative use of audio & video to help achieve our aim.

We will be featuring content related to:

  • Osteopathic principles and their application
  • Health and nature cure perspectives
  • Opinion pieces and features
  • Osteopathic history, perception & philosophy
  • Personal, professional, financial, emotional and spiritual well being
  • Clinic matters & case studies

As a principles & practice orientated publication and will not feature technique!

Community Support

And we will be backing this up with the largest and most active online community for osteopaths world wide.

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