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Teaching Students How to Fly December 2015

Summer Project: Un-Deweying the Fiction Collection

In July, Katie Connelly and I removed every fiction book for the shelf, decided on a genre for each, and then Santina Jannotti and Sam Walker assisted with relabeling. We added each book's new location into Destiny and returned the books by genre to the shelves. Why would we do such a thing? Research shows that kids like to browse the types of books they like and books that were rarely checked out begin to circulate.

Grade 9 Academy Starts Flight Training Early

EasyBib, Outside Reading, and Infographics--Oh My!

Almost all of our 450+ 9th graders are enrolled in an Effective Habits class taught by 6 teachers of various content areas. All 15 classes, plus AVID 9, visited the library in the first 2 weeks of school. Students enrolled in EasyBib and did a Book Tasting. Each student left with an outside reading book. In about 1/2 of the 16 classes, students regularly read their books which increases their reading comprehension skills and ability to focus. A big shout-out to Mr. Payne who regularly brings his 3 classes to check out new books. It's fun to see students begin to actually enjoy reading!

All of the classes returned in November to make an infographic showing how their 4 year plans and goals will help them reach their career goal. If you have 9th graders make PowerPoints encourage and expect them to incorporate Smart Art and Shapes into their slides. Ban bullet points!

Remember, teachers can have their students use EasyBib even when they are not in the library. It is everyone's job to teach the ethical use of information. Not sure how to use EasyBib, see Ms. Magnuson.

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Not as Easy as It Looks

Because reading to young children is not as easy as it looks, Mrs. Reed's Child Development classes partner with Ms. Magnuson to learn how to effectively read to young children. In November and December the classes came with their young students to observe Ms. Magnuson reading to the children. In January, the "Big" students will come back to the library and prepare to read a book to the children. Stay tuned for the next update!

More Library Happenings

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New LibraryTrac System Provides Data

The first chart shows the number of student visits to the library without a teacher.

The second chart shows the number of classes who have used the library this school year.

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Jane Hall, Library Para Educator