AP Psychology

Mrs. Mitchell

What Do You Think?

Now all of you have started the course!! As you have quickly found out, psychology is abstract and we discuss many theories which mean you may or may not agree with everything we discuss. That is okay! You are not suppose to and that is why there are many different areas in psychology. Plus, this means you are guaranteed to find one area of psych you enjoy!

As a reminder, I email you bi-weekly to let you know that grades have been updated and encourage you to log in and check them. I leave feedback on EVERYTHING so please make sure you read it. In addition, if you fail to submit an assignment, I will enter a 0 according to GAVS late work policy, and trust me, zeros hurt! I will call if your grade falls below a 75, but the school does provide an automated call service weekly to provide the status of grades.

What can you do? TRY AND DO THE BEST YOU CAN!!! We will make this a successful semester!
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Model of the Brain Project

Please remember that my suggestions of how to create the brain are SUGGESTIONS!

You can be creative and use any materials you want (i.e. food, paints. duct tape!).

You just need to make sure you have all required parts and that they are clearly labeled in your submitted pictures!

*You CAN work with a partner on the construction of the brain model. Each partner is responsible for submitting the list of brain functions but only one has to submit the pictures. Please indicate in the comments box when submitting your file who you worked with!

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Want to earn an A in all your discussions? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Consistently present creative ideas that foster further discussion.
  2. Be sure all your posts consistently relate to the topic with comments specific to content and include supplemental information.
  3. Express your opinions and ideas clearly, with obvious connections to the topic.
  4. Consistently use appropriate grammar, mechanics, and diction for this academic environment.
  5. Demonstrate good self-initiative and respond promptly to others’ postings

Want to avoid a bad grade on your discussions? Be sure to avoid:

  1. demonstrating little effort and appearing indifferent.
  2. posting irregular topics or remarks.
  3. posting unclear ideas that have to direct connection to the course content.
  4. including grammar, spelling, punctuation, or usage errors in your posts.

Unsure about how to respond in a discussion? Consider:

  1. summarizing the other person's main point to clarify
  2. adding some relevant real-life examples
  3. asking a couple of questions
  4. adding more info from the course content to support or refute that person's ideas

Interested in Extra Credit?

Have you listened to any of the posted Adobe sessions? If so, write up a summary and submit to the correct dropbox. Shorty, you will see a Shmoop opportunity too!
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Brightspace Fall 2016 Help Session

Brightspace Fall 2016 Help Session

August 23 - 7pm Recording

September 6 - 7pm

New and Returning Students Don't Miss Out!

16 week students join us and become a Brightspace expert. Learn everything you need to know about your GaVS Fall course. Having email issues we can help! Recording links posted after each live session. Attendees will receive a training certificate for their participation and attendance. Email certificate to your instructor for extra point added to first discussion grade.

Enter the meeting as a Guest.

Type your first and last name. Click enter room.

Session Link: Adobe Brightspace Help Classroom

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Teacher Response Time (From the Student Handbook)

Email Response Time:

Teachers check their email daily, Monday through Friday, and will respond to you within one school day.

Do not expect your teacher to respond during the weekend or on listed Georgia Virtual School holidays. In the event that you do not receive a reply, please email him/her once more.

If you do not receive a response after two attempts and 48 hours, call your teacher.

Phone Response Time:

Teachers check their phone voicemails daily, Monday through Friday, and will respond to you within one school day.

Do not expect your teacher to respond during the weekend or on listed Georgia Virtual School holidays.

If you do not receive a response, please phone your teacher once more. The teacher’s contact information can be found in the Teacher Information widget on the course homepage or the course syllabus. If no phone response within 48 hours, please contact your facilitator immediately.

Grade Response Time:

Please allow a turnaround time of three school days after submitting an assignment during fall and spring semesters and one school day during summer semester; although you will often receive your grade sooner. For major projects, teachers may indicate a longer turnaround time for grading. Teachers will notify students when additional time is required to assess assignments such as projects.

You are encouraged to work ahead in your course. If you do so, your teacher will still grade your assignments within three school days.

Keep the turnaround time in mind when planning your schedule so that you can turn in assignments and still allow time for feedback.

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Contact Me!

My contact information can be found below and also on the Teacher Information Box in the course homepage.

Hours of Availability:

Monday - Friday