Great bear Rainforest

By:Kevin Mora Ramos

All the Rainforest

Rainforest are mostly located in South and Central America, Africa,islands around Australia, and Asia.The Great Bear Rainforest is located on the coast of British Colombia,stretching from Vancouver Island north to Alaska.

Climate In the Rainforest

The Average temperature in The Great Bear Rainforest is 50-70 Degrees Fahrenheit and the

Average precipitation is 90 Inches.

Animals In the Biome

Plants In the Biome

Environmental Threat

A major threat to the Great Bear Rainforest is the oil pipelines.These Pipelines is affecting Grizzly bears and the spirit bear because it's killing fish and it's making it harder for the animals to catch them.The Salmon population is also dropping.It also affects the animals that live around and in the water because its getting on their fur.