Friday Flash


Calendar Of Events

August 11- Orientation

Kinder and 1st - 8:30

2nd and 5th- 10:00

3rd, 4th, 5th- 11:15

First Day of School

August 15th

School Supplies

School Supplies are now for Sale with EPI go to

They will be available for pick up on August 11th at orientation.

Prices are listed online and on our website.

School supply list can be found on our website and in the front office.

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Summer Library

LSCH will have a cart of books in front of the school for summer check out. If you are in need of summer reading, please come see us.

Summer Office Hours

8-4 Monday-Thursday

Local Libraries

I would encourage you to check your local libraries for fun engaging events for your children over the summer. Cedar Hill Library offers weekly events for children of all ages.